Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Achievements List Out

The Xbox 360 Achievements list for Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow has been outed – and they don’t look like they’re planning on giving you an easy ride bearing in mind the game is rumoured to be about twenty hours long.  The list is below, minus a stack of ‘secret’ achievements which don’t have descriptions.

Master achiever(50)
Complete all the trials

Dark collector(20)
Gather all the 30 Shadow gems

Light collector(20)
Gather all the 30 Light gems

Green collector(20)
Gather all the 30 Life gems

Master jeweler(25)
Gather all hidden magic gems

Master philanthropist (20)
Buy all the extra artwork

Skirmish (15)
Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty

Gest (20)
Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty

Crusade (30)
Finish all levels in Knight difficulty

Epic victory (40)
Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty

Welcome to the Club (15)
Buy a combo

Brawler (20)
Buy 15 combos

Master fighter (25)
Buy all combos

Experienced (10)
Acquire 1000 experience points

Seasoned (15)
Acquire 20000 experience points

Veteran (30)
Acquire 100000 experience points

Master improver (25)
Find all the secret Brotherhood arks

Eleventy party (40)
Get 110% completion rate in all levels

Anyone up for getting 1000 gamerscore?  Mentalists.

Source: X360A


  1. I would hope that the difficulty trophies would at least stack! Although there are games where it doesn’t (ninja gaiden sigma, i’m looking at you!), so i guess fingers crossed!

  2. Yep I’ll be platinum’in that.

    • yup, if it’s anything like god of war it shouldn’t be too hard and hopefully fun! Bring it on

  3. Really looking forward to this game!

    Please let it be as good as the SNES outing…

    **Sits willing it to be THAT good**

  4. Those seem pretty simple to me, nothing like Batman with it’s 32 combat medal trophy which I still haven’t gotten.

  5. there are loads out spiderman enslaved hawx2

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