New PS3 Models Bundled With Move

During their press conference in Cologne Sony announced two new PS3 models launching this October. The new models contain either a 320 GB or 160 GB hard drive and will retail for 349€ and 299€ respectively. The 320 GB model will be bundled with the Move starter pack (one Move controller, starter disc and PlayStation Eye) but it wasn’t clear whether that is also the case with the 160 GB model. Considering the price difference I would be surprised if it wasn’t. We’ll let you know once the sterling prices are announced.

Image credit: VG247



  1. i hope this isnt the biggest announcement to come out of the sony press conference. anyway i was looking to get a new ps3 so this may be ideal. although i cant see myself using up a whole 320 GB

    • lol Check the next article :D I’m hoping thats not all

  2. Much better than the 4GB console that is bundle with Kinect. I’m going to be upgrading soon so this looks quite appealing but i’ll wait to see what the UK price is before i decide if it’s a hard drive or a new console that will get my money.

    • for €50 more to gett a bigger HDD and the Move stuff seems a no brainer if your just getting into the PS3, for you though, i would add the cost of Move and a new HDD then the resell of your old PS3. May be cheaper for you to by Move on its own

    • a 4 gb console are you serious
      and is that a shiny cover i see if so then the slim is better looking now

  3. I would like to get a new PS3 since the size would be great for my room, I tend to struggle were I would place the Wii and PS2 which also needs slimmed!

  4. Do the new models also a revised chipset or just bigger HDDs?

    • No information on any other enhancements yet, I’m afraid.

  5. As predicted :P

  6. No Wireless N or rear USB ports though :( Never the less I’m thinking I’ll finally upgrade my 60GB launch unit with the 320GB Move Starter pack…

  7. £284.99 and £249.99 for UK prices (same as currently)

    Although it wasn’t clear if it included a DS3, even though the image mock-up shows it looks like there is

  8. I would love to trade in my 160GB Phat for a slim…

  9. Man, the PS3’s HDD’s keep getting bigger and bigger every season. I bought an 80GB, got scared by the 120GB’s, bought a 500GB. I guess I’ll soon have to buy a terra.

    • a terra? sonn my 80gb ps3 will be outdated but bring on the terra

  10. Is that Piano black (glossy) i see o the 320gb?

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