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A Closer Look at New Old Cole

Thanks to the magic of the internet, Kotaku and our readers tips address we’ve got some images showing the return to old Cole from inFamous. I like to call him new old Cole but then I am a bit of a fool.

Those of you who railed against his “New Kids On The Block” make-over from the early trailers will be pleased to see that he’s back to his shaven-headed best and looking as gruff and as powerful as when we left him. Also of note are the similarities in his clothing to the first game and the rather large, vaguely insectoid-looking beastie he appears to be about to battle.

The first inFamous was a great game with a few slight flaws but the job of a sequel is to polish out those flaws and deliver more of what made the first game great. We have high hopes for the sequel, no matter how Cole looks.

Also, these images were posted in the comment thread of a Kotaku article so we’re not sure how well they can be counted on. Just be aware that they might be old or fake or the result of witchcraft.


  1. better than the original Cole, but not as good as the new Cole they made.

  2. i liked the new cole.
    maybe they’ll have that skin as an option in the game, should be easy to do if there are no prerendered cutscenes.

    • Or the prerendered cutscenes will just have the regular skin, like they do with some other games. God of War comes to mind, and I’m sure there’s loads of others.

  3. Best of both IMO, but has he still got an invisible velcro suit on?

    • The one that doesn’t allow him to scale chain-link fences?

  4. I’m glad their reverting to a new old cole, didin’t like the new cole.

  5. Nice, Im partial to the old Cole look!

  6. I’m not bothered as long as they get rid of the squeaky sound when he runs

  7. I didn’t mind new Cole, but for continuity’s sake, new old Cole looks much better.

    I tried to love Infamous 1, but I only ever liked it. It just had so much missed potential (graphics = eww, karma system = useless, story = what story?), but the fact Infamous 2 has a much more interesting looking city, actual cutscenes, improved melee combat AND destructible environments is an automatic win :)

  8. 1. He still has Sly Cooper on his back (old new Cole had it aswell)
    2. He certainly looks alot more like old Cole, I like the last picture, but on the 3nd (Joe Danger reference) and 4th, he looks somewhat like a neanderthal.
    3. Insectoidthingy on the 2nd picture could be a conduit-level enemy (thougher than the normal thugs of it’s kind) based on its size and cute liddle mouth.
    4. Enemy on pic 1 has an AK47
    5. New old Cole has the same trousers (and shoes it seem) as old new Cole, infact, it seems Suckerpunch has simply swapped his head, removed his tattoos (that’s gotta hurt) and recolored his shirt (I kinda liked it in blue).

    • hold your horses! I’ll correct myself, he kept his tattoos!

    • Haha, sly cooper. I’ll never look at Cole the same again

  9. I liked old cole didnt see the need for chance

  10. I liked the new cole but actually now theyve changed him back I prefer this design!

    Looks like a brilliant game, much improved graphics!

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