Polyphony Bust The Install Size Limits With GT5

Gran Turismo 5, Sony’s big white hope for 2010 and set to be the biggest, baddest driving simulator ever created, is also going to be touting one of the biggest, baddest hard drive install sizes, too.  If you thought that sitting through 25 minutes of Devil May Cry was tortuous, Dante’s got nothing on a GTR.

Series head Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted over the weekend that whilst gamers could get away with a 256 megabyte install size, it’s going to need you to dedicate an optional 10 gigabyte if you can spare the room, presumably to reduce load times and store DLC.

Yep, that’s one hell of an install, which Yamauchi claims will make the experience ‘comfortable’.  For those with 40 gigabyte hard drives that’s going to be something of a commitment, for sure, but it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given that the relatively bite-sized GT 5 Prologue sapped six gigabytes anyway.

What’s TSA’s readership think about this?  Is this revelation a shock to anyone?  Does anyone else think that ‘comfortable’ is a wee bit vague, and there’s likely to be even more hard drive real estate at risk if you want to be ‘well off’?

We’ll find out soon enough.


  1. Well I have 250GB, so nothing to worry about there but that’s huge, I was expecting big but not that big, they could potentially lose sales over it… and that means even when I get it I will have to still wait hours before I can play it… bad times =(

    • I don’t mind the initial install if it speeds up the load times when playing the game.

    • I don’t think anyone will think “I’m not buying the best racing sim because of the install size!” I don’t have a problem with my mine, but if I did, I would be deleting stuff without hesitation.

      • But people with 40 GB hard drives (with PS software on, 35gb) and they were thinking about getting it probably wont, for example, I was going to get TC EndWar when I had a 60GB PS3 but when I realised it was 6GB I couldn’t because my hard drive was full as it was and I didn’t want to have to re-install game data every time I wanted to play a game!

      • Well i’ve never liked GT anyway so i won’t be buying it.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but it’s just an individual choice. People will have different views about it, but I think most won’t make it an issue over keeping old game saves, against one of the most anticipated games of the PS3…ever =)

      • @icuyesido

        ofcourse I can not look into your wallet but 2,5″ HD bigger than 40 or 60 Gb are not that expensive. Sony does allow you to update the disk with keeping your warrenty.

    • Was to be expected and I don’t mind too much, I guess my 500GB HDD will come in handy then ;)

    • Again, I’m really not phased by the install size of any game if the experience is worth the wait. I would ask how long it’ll take Sony to enable installation as an option for ALL PS3 games?…

    • The install is entirely optional, and chances are running the game from the Blu-ray won’t be much slower than GT4 on PS2. So no, 40 GB users need not to worry.

  2. Well looks like I’ma need a bigger Hard Drive :D

    • Just by chance on Friday i ordered a 640gb Samsung drive of Amazon that was posted on HUKD for £45.00 delivered . Been getting sick of having to juggle games just to be able to fit one piddling demo on my otherwise brilliant superquiet 40gb.

      • Yeah i love my launch 60 with PS2 compatability and 4 USB slots. I’m buying no Slim and will just upgrade my HDD. I love not having YLOD. Sure my Xbox 360 hasn’t got RROD and I’ve had it for three years. Im really happy.

  3. It’s fantastic that the option is there. Huge mandatory installs are pretty 2007.

    • Yeah, it’d be even better if it wasn’t even needed at all. It’s a shame that data can be read from the hard-drive faster than it can be read from the blu-ray.

      • That’s because Blu-Ray is ultra slow… as if they couldn’t use a HD-DVD rom…

  4. I don’t think that is too bad. I don’t need to store any media on my hdd because I stream from my lappy so that saves a ton of room. Most people have upgraded their hard drive now anyway so I can’t see it being much of an issue, it will only affect a relatively small amount of people.

  5. Good thing the HDD are easy enough to upgrade I guess >.> Sucks if you have a 40gb PS3 though and either don’t know/don’t want to upgrade. (I wonder why they even sold the PS3 with a 40GB HDD, it’s supposed to be a media centre, and 40GB is like nothing once you have some games installed and few movies and some songs – it’s pretty easy to eat up 40gb really!)

    • Ah, but remember this is the same Sony that reduced the number of USB ports from 4 to 2 to save money, so when dealing with thousands of items the savings mount up.

      I would still have liked 4 USB ports on my 80GB (upgraded to 320GB so I’m all right for GT5) from the off!

      • I have a 40GB, and with about 2gb left. I hardly download stuff to be honest, but this is going to cause some problems for me. I will need to upgrade the hard drive for this. Meaning the game will cost me about £80…hmmmm, not impressed.

  6. My PS3 has about 2GB of space left. Guess I’ll need a new PS3 Slim then. Yes, that’s the only option.

    • Or you could just buy a new bigger harddrive.

    • Yes definately your only option there Michael. Absoloutely no other way. Your other half will just have to accept that you have no other choice but to buy a new slim, probably the one with the Move bundle too :D

      • Definitely! It’s definitely! My eyes just can’t take it. :(

        But i do like the way you think Michael… I may just have to do the same.

      • I know it is, yet I still always manage to make that mistake! Blame my hands, not my head!

    • So do I

    • Lol I see what you’re getting at…

  7. Looks like a definate HDD upgrade, should have got a larger hard drive.

  8. For anyone who has a 80gb (70 something gb of available space) or less it’s quite a commitment. because if you’ve had your console for a while it doesn’t take long to get 40-60gb on it

    Yes it may be being tagged as optional, but given the sheer amount of data just to model the cars, nevermind the tracks, scenery & stuff even with the install, track load times will probably be on the lengthy side of acceptable, so without it… they could be on the unacceptable side making the install not so optional after all.

    We’ll have to wait and see I suppose

    • I have an 80gb but I don’t see it as a problem for me, I don’t buy many PSN games and often delete game data installs of games I don’t play any more so I always have around 20gb free.

      • Now consider the people who do have some PSN games. Another 10 GB of downloaded games and DLC and you’re over the limit…

    • I saw upgrading the harddrive as first order of business when I first got my ps3. I had a 40 gig.

  9. I’m just glad I got a 250gb slim recently as my 60gb was always full. It’s a pain having to go through an install like this but I dont imagine it will affect the gameplay much if you dont, I would have thought it would be more loading times that would be affected.

    It is good that they have made it optional though as I would have been screwed with my old setup as I was running out of things to delete.

  10. I’ve 20 Gig left on my 60GB HDD. Look’s like I’ll have to make a few cuts in the install data department.

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