Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever Coming

It’s been gaming’s longest running joke. A game that has been in development hell for so long it’s taken up residence. Duke Nukem Forever, a remnant of an age of gaming long forgotten, a game that many were convinced would never see the light of day, a title that has been practically developed umpteen times already considering how many times the developers have switched engines and/or approaches – is finally going to be released.

No, seriously, this isn’t a joke. Check the date, it’s not the start of April by a long shot.


Due for an imminent announcement at PAX, and with 3D Realms firmly out of the picture, 2K have engaged Borderlands developer Gearbox to pull the franchise off the scrap-heap and drag the bastard over the line. Portents have been strong all day, with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford walking around PAX with a Duke t-shirt on. Then Joystiq came across this.

Expect more details as further information trickles out of the expo. There’s a live stream in the forum. Go look!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go somewhere and eat a hat.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. The irony of how the title currently fits in nicely with the DNF finishing position.

  2. Beat you to the punnch mate on the forums.

  3. Demo is being played at PAX. Stream is showing footage of the demo. It’s multiplatformed. Release date: 2011.

  4. it’s a good day…

  5. Was the cancellation all a big ruse to drum up more interest for when they brought it back?

    • DNF was never cancelled by 3D realms. They had to stop production becuase of the downsizing of 3D realms and the court case with Take-Two.

  6. Nicely written article! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  7. I couldn’t care less about the franchise at the moment. Bring out a good game/demo and you shall then start to garner my respect.

    • They have a demo up and running at PAX.

    • A new gravatar?! You’ve killed stewie :(

      • who, bunimo? Looks the same on my PC.

      • Delete your cache and it should update new avatars.

      • Stewie’s dead to me. haha! :-)

        Bigal – I want the demo. Not other people. Other people aren’t important to me! :-p

      • Then you’re in for a long wait then.

  8. hmm every a rumour is reported on here it turns out true.

  9. This game should never be released as it will never live up to the super high expectations. Let nostalgia be

    • I agree. This game has been in development for far too long now, there is definitely a time to give things up!

  10. It’s time to kick-ass and chew bubblegum, but I’m all outa gum.

    • He’s not allowed gum anymore cos of the dentures

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