Duke Nukem To Return Today?

Everyone knows the legend of Duke Nukem Forever. Announced way back in 1997, occasionally teased since, and ready “when it’s done”. You may also remember that, last year, development on the project was officially halted, with the team being let go after more than twelve years on the project.

Now 2K are teasing “something big” for PAX – and it could well be the return of the Duke.

On Wednesday, the 2K Games blog updated with a post titled “Something Big is Happening at PAX”. “That’s right… something big is going to happen at the 2K Games Booth this PAX – and we want to share it with everyone – whether or not you are at the show,” reads the post.

“We’ll be streaming the first day of PAX live from our booth and giving you exclusive access to everything we’re doing – and it’s going to be AWESOME.”

Of course, it could be absolutely anything, but a series of recent hints suggest that it could be time for Mr Nukem to return to action. Borderlands developer Gearbox Software, previously revealed to be working on a Duke Nukem Begins spin-off, has been rumoured to have taken over development on the long-awaited title, and studio head Randy Pitchford told Kotaku earlier in the year that he might be able to “better clarify the situation” at the Penny Arcade Expo, which starts today.

On top of that, Duke co-creator George Broussard, who once said that Forever would return from development hell “when pigs fly“, tweeted a picture this week of exactly that.

Either way, we’ll find out what 2K’s “something big” is at some point today. So fingers crossed that Forever might actually be out before the end of the world.

Source: 2K Games Blog



  1. Sooo bored of the Duke debacle. I was such a massive fan of 3D and every bit of Forever news got me a little excited but after so long I have lost all interest. Even if it does come out now, it’s gonna have to prove itself to me. Had it come along 5 years ago, I’d probably still have been in the ‘buy no matter what’ phase

    • I would’ve said I wasn’t bothered either. but I’m a fan of Gearbox, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.

      • I admit that Borderlands has a style that I could see Duke fitting into, but I am still very wary about the whole character and plot.

    • Same, 12 years of development is ridiculous. No wonder they got shut down, what the hell were they doing! I predict this game is going to be terrible when/if it arises, the concept is so old now and it has been fiddled with for too long.

      • 12 years does seem ridiculous and the game will seem dated before we even get to the end of a trailer

    • Bored here as well. Much like seeing old people going clubbing, people need to recognise that it might be time to retire. For the sake of their self-respect and to avoid folks laughing and pointing.

  2. I used to love Duke. Would be good to see it again, but lets hope it’s a decent game, IF it’s that they will be showing.

  3. Those alien bastards are gonna pay for riding my shoot-em-up!

  4. 13 years in the making? It better be the best game ever then!!

  5. Please give me Duke in the ridiculous OTT FPS world that I love!

    Having said that, I really enjoyed Time to Kill.

  6. Let the dream go guys. I don’t know how thios would stand up in the modern era.

  7. you know, whether it’s a good game or not, though i don’t see how it can live up to thirteen years worth of expectation, i think the character of duke is a bit of an anachronism.

    that 80s action hero thing is a bit old hat now, play it tongue in cheek and it could work, but play it serious and it could end up cringeworthy.

    hell, they could play on it, the world around him changing but he’s still the same old duke, it could be quite funny actually.

    • In regards the 80s action hero thing – I loved The Expendables – Give me gung-ho Duke ;)

    • Duke was always tongue in cheek & totally un-pc ;)

  8. THE ELDER SCROLLS V!!! 2K will publish it for the consoles!!!

    • Just like they did for TES 4. I can feel it in my blood so badly!!!

  9. I know this is unconfirmed, but CVG swear that DNF is back. Here’s the link:

    • Please note that this is pure speculation. Don’t shoot me.

  10. one of the pigs has duke’s sunglasses on!

    • Bloody hell, it is!

    • Ah, I know the plot now – a quest for stolen sunglasses.

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