Rumour: Duke Nukem Forever Back On?

The rumour mill is well and truly grinding away today as Kotaku are claiming that sources who wish to remain anonymous have contacted them claiming that not only is Duke Nukem Forever back on, but Borderlands developer Gearbox Software is in charge of development.  You may remember that Gearbox was outed earlier this year as the developer behind ‘Duke Begins’ – before everything got a bit messy.

As you might expect, there has been a verbal brick wall of ‘no comments’ – however Take-Two Interactive has confirmed it still maintains publishing rights to the title.

Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford has declined to comment on the matter, but has indicated that he may be able to better clarify the situation at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.

So, this is very much a rumour for now – but if the Duke was to make a return, would any of you be interested?

Source: Kotaku



  1. No

  2. Duke is dead. He smoked too much.

  3. oh god, no!

  4. Duke was so 80s/90s

  5. I really loved Duke back then, but don’t think it will do very good these days

  6. personally i think the character of duke is now very outdated.
    maybe an ironic take on the character could work, but playing it straight could end up being a disaster.

  7. I would be, I love it. But to be honest, I’m fed up with hearing that it’s back on/off/on/off…..etc

    • Agreed. Let it die if it’s gone and we’ll be delighted if it comes back. The “is it, isn’t it” situation in the media is just getting a bit pathetic. No offence intended, TSA.

      It’s going to be, what, a modern Serious Sam? Or Black? It really might suck ass as oppose to kick it.

  8. If it comes out and it is good, i’m all for it. But if they do some sort of PSN/XBL episode thing… i will deffo be interested

  9. DNF

  10. Well there had to be atleast one more DNF rumor before the summer was over oh well.::

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