TRON: Evolution Gameplay Video

Disney have released the first video featuring gameplay from the upcoming TRON: Evolution (or should that be Prince Of Tron) featuring lots of wall running, fantastic jumps and fast paced combat.

The video has arrived via PAX which started on Friday and TRON: Evolution is scheduled for release in 2011 on 360 and PS3 with additional support for Move. Quite how Move will work with all this wall running has yet to be revealed.



  1. I don’t know, looks decent, but nothing spectacular. I’m still hoping it will be great, most of all because I want the CE for this game :)

  2. Well, I ‘m impressed for one. That brief shot of the Light Cycles looked awesome.

    It is very PoP, but if you’re going to borrow gameplay, then why not steal a tried and tested variant.

    Can’t wait for this, I remember seeing Tron at the cinema in 1982, it changed everything for me. On the way home it was all ‘Dad can I have a computer, Dad can I have a computer!’.

  3. I fear this is gonna get old reeeeeeal quick… I felt like chucking the Dual Shock into a wall just after watching that “combat” at the end there.

    The bike part looked ace, but it didn’t feel like the speed I would expect from a Tron race…

    • I did like Tron 2.0 from way back. The LS part was perfect. I think they borrowed more than a bit from Blur or Splir/Second ( i forget which ) for that sequence.

  4. Christ the graphics have come along nicely from the code I played.

  5. looks like a cross between uncharted and mirors edge with tomb raider motorbike bits.

  6. Quite a dissapointed ‘ Hmmm… ‘ from me. Looking forward to the movie rather more than the game.

  7. Isn’t there going to be a bit where they’re throwing frisbee-type things at each other? Perfect for Move.

  8. Hey what do you know, it doesn’t look like garbage.

  9. Oh dear it looks like a bland mirrors edge copy, i hope the light-cycles are decent.
    Anyway, it’s not a complete loss – while searching for a vid i could watch on my ps3 i also found this video.. ;-)

    • It’s in a totally different perspective, with frisbees and motorbikes…

  10. Doesn’t look fantastic at this stage, it just seems a bit dead. No atmosphere or tension; nothing.

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