Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

You may have seen the complete Internet meltdown at the end of last week, when 2K Games not only announced that Duke Nukem Forever was back, but that it was complete and set for a 2011 release – prompting our very own Kovacs to eat his hat. We also force fed him some shoes and an old apron.

Some screenshots showing off gameplay have emerged from PAX – and they don’t look half bad!  Judging by some of the content it’s clear to see age hasn’t mellowed The Duke at all.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Looks great. Had fun with Duke Nukem 3D.

    • Yeah, me too. The N64 iteration was pretty good fun too.

  2. Apron wasn’t half bad! Needed more salt, though.

    • You should try eating a pair of oven mitts. Once lost a bet with some mates, with that as the fail prize, and it was god awful. Never want to try and repeat that again, although I was pleased they didn’t try and get me to eat the new silicone ones. ;-)

      Those screens have got me wanting more, damn them! Come on 2011 and get here faster. :’-(

  3. Looks good, dont know if Im gonna play it though

  4. This one’s gonna have to be played! Shake it, baby!

  5. LOL Sony Bravia TV’s being used on an Xbox..

    • i read that it was the pc version being played with xbox pads.

  6. Can’t wait! bring on the roid-rage!

  7. That looks a lot like the final boss from 3D (complete with kicking the field goal). Looks like it will have some nice back refs.
    I’m slowly becoming more positive about this

    • Yeah I had the who cares attitude for a while concerning this game (who didnt) but after seeing the pax demo and these screenshots it looks like pure awesome.

      The Duke is back….. well he will hopefully be in 2011

  8. Yahooo. Love Duke, good to see him back.

  9. It looks promising from those off-screen shots, can’t wait to see more!

  10. Operation: Cock Block (screen 6) hahaha! :-)

    • cock blocks are the worst enemy known to man

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