Duke Nukem Forever Is Complete

This feels so weird.  When Duke Nukem Forever was first announced I was still a teenager living at home, and here I am all these years later typing the words I never thought I would – Duke Nukem Forever is finished, with a release date set for 2011.  Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has confirmed the news, saying that the title’s now being “polished.”

Speaking at PAX in Seattle tonight, Pitchford also confirmed that the title would be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Apparently some of the game’s more “questionable content” has yet to be approved by the ESRB age ratings “police”, which is why a video shown at PAX wasn’t streamed by 2K.

Hail to the king baby!




  1. “and here I am all these years later typing the words I never thought I would – Duke Nukum Forever is finished” – indeed, you would think you would type “Nukem” instead ;)

    • Totally did! Ahem…*shuffles away*

  2. will wonders never cease!! ;)

  3. Guys, you’re way too slow in reporting news. (http://www.thesixthaxis.com/forum/general-chat/a-quick-reminder-for-all-duke-nukem-fans/)
    Already had the job done for you up to an hour ago.

    • Well I’m actually playing a game through for review, and only popped on here to check things over. My humble apologies for not being able to play though a game AND write news at the same time. Curse this feeble human body.

      • You could’ve just copy and pasted what I typed up in the forum. It’s all the concrete info that’s out right. I might as well have a neon sign saying ‘TSA unofficial researcher’ when I’m looking at other game websites.

      • Take a chill pill Al, you’re being an arse. There’s no need for this rude behaviour.

      • I concur.

    • Calm down chief. The front page takes time to make and proofing/scheduling before it comes up.

      Plus these guys have lives to live.

      • What are you talking about? It’s just as easy to write an article with tags, categories, source links, formating, proofing and scheduling as it is to post in a forum!
        < / sarcasm>

  4. Wow! Awesome news, but it’s been so long this game has a lot to prove.

  5. 12 years… hopefully the game doesn’t flop.

    • 14 years. It’s 13 years now and It’ll be 14 years when It’s released next year.

    • Yeah I think it’ll flop pretty bad. Hopefully it won’t though, as it hold a place in allot of people’s hearts =)

      • Hopefully not. If Gearbox are the ones working on it, it should be ok. Randy seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I couldn’t see him talking about it ahead of it being shown if he wasnt happy with it

  6. Apparently, DNF has been “finished” a few times during it’s development, they just never stopped adding to it.. My guess is that Gearbox didn’t have that much to beyond tidying up the code.

    • Yeah I read that, it seems like they just kept letting the tech getting the better of them and starting all over again.

      I gather if it was indeed a 14 year dev cycle, that means the title probably references Batman Forever, anyone even remember that crap was committed to celluloid?

  7. Gran Turismo 5 this year and Duke Nukem Forever next year… the end of the world is nigh. These were all signs from Nostradamus that the antichrist is coming.

    • They haven’t happened yet. Plenty of time

      • It’ll give me time to stock up on tins of food and bottled water for when it happens.

  8. My name is Douk Noukem

  9. Awesome, a pig just flew over my house! Then my night’s been topped off with this news ;)

  10. Wow… Never thought I’d see the day. That guy who pre-ordered the game a while back must be pretty excited now :P

    • To be fair, if you pre-ordered way back when, you got access to the beta for Elite 4 and a Starcraft: Ghost t-shirt. It’s a tempting offer, that’s for sure.

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