High Velocity Bowling Move Support To Be Paid DLC

The US PlayStation Blog yesterday posted a heads-up for the next state-side PlayStation Plus content update, which will include early access to Swords and Soldiers, beta access for some to Red Faction Battlegrounds, and discounted PSone Imports, amongst many other goodies.

But this isn’t about the differences between the US and EU Plus content (there’s been plenty of discussion of that already), but that in the list for September 21st includes “High Velocity Bowling – Move Compatibility Add-On” as the free DLC.


Released way back in 2007, High Velocity Bowling is exactly what you’d expect, a bowling game (with a focus on spin), with a ton of downloadable lanes, characters and balls available on the PlayStation Store. It was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that the game would be being patched to support PlayStation Move, although it was unknown if that support would be in the form of a free patch, or as a piece of paid-for DLC.

As the “free DLC” in each PlayStation Plus update is temporarily reduced to free for Plus subscribers, this would seem to confirm that the HVB patch will indeed not be free for non-Plusers.

We’ve contacted Sony for confirmation, but it certainly looks like not all games will be upgrading to Move for free.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. Finally a good thing for the PS+ subs. I mean some good minis and some discounted stuff was fine, also some early demos, but stuff like this really makes it worth the effort.

  2. if there’s one game that should need less work to make move compatible it’s surely this one, it’s not like they’d have to totally rework the interface or anything, it already has motion controls with the pad, and they work pretty well actually.

    i don’t know why they’re charging for things like this, yes it’s extra work, but charging people extra to make games they’ve already bought work with move isn’t great marketing.

    they should be doing all they can to promote move, and this i’m afraid is not it.

  3. Well as I bought the US version aeons ago, & its a good laugh with yer mates, I guess I might be dipping into my US wallet again!!

  4. If I do have to pay for a ‘Move’ update I will simply delete the game off my HDD.

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