Rumour: 3D Dot Game Heroes To Get Sackboy?

3D Dot Game Heroes, one of my favourite PS3 games of late, looks like it might be getting a sneaky patch if news on the official forums is to be believed.  Sadly, the post in question was pulled, but not before Siliconera grabbed the information.

Apparently, the patch is set to add and fix:

  • Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet
  • New character models created by and for fans
  • Completion times for the Dash Race have been adjusted
  • Certain swords will now carry over in New Game+
  • Loading art images will now appear randomly

Apparently the patch is around 180MB in size, and will feature the following models: the ship from Thrust, Brimly, a Blue Screen of Death joke, an ASCII smiley, a cosplayer in the form of a dragon, a duck, a joypad, a mummy, a mech and an arcade machine.

We’ll have a look to see if the patch is available for debug machines later.



  1. I still need to buy this game!! I hope that its not too late D:

    • Same here. I was really looking forward to this and then it completely slipped of my radar

      • I can recommend it if you like the old snes Zeldas, although its quite an easy game (especially when the sword fills the screen on full health), its great fun.

  2. It’s early – what the hell do you mean “We’ll have a look to see if the patch is available for debug machines later.”?

    • Patches for debug machines generally appear a few weeks before the retail ones. At least in some cases.

    • OK that’s kind of what I assumed.. who has a debug machine then?

  3. Well looks like a good update! Will hopefully pick this up at some point in the future

  4. Aww! I just sold my copy like a week ago :(

  5. I still have to get Platinum trophy… Damn you Wyrm Sword! Anyway nice patch :]

  6. If no one else is going to say it, that was a nice piece of alliteration in the strapline. As for the patch, it’d be nice to see some player creations for the characters – the editor was a handy little tool, and good fun, just let down by my own cack-handedness.

  7. Well I made a Darwinian. They should have added that!

  8. Shame its been pulled. That sounded really cool and I hope it resurfaces.

  9. Sackboy in 3D Dot Game Heroes would be awesome :)
    But even more important: Dash Race completion times adjusted!! :) Those are pretty impossible in the current version.

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