3D Dot Game Heroes A Success

I’m a huge fan of 3D Dot Game Heroes, I loved the game upon release and it’s still worth a punt months on, its timeless graphics style and Zelda-esque adventuring a surprise delight.

It seems Atlus were surprised by the game too, as figures released overnight confirm that the game sold 160,000 units in the States against lowly expectations of just 25,000.  That’s nearly six and a half times what the publisher was hoping for.


Similarly, another PS3 exclusive, Demon’s Souls was only expected to sell 150,000 copies but managed to move more than twice that with 380,000 sold in the US.

Both two games that are a million miles away from the usual blockbuster AAA fare, it’s encouraging to know that there are gamers out there with slightly more esoteric tastes than we give credit for.



  1. I’ve ignored this game, but I’m not really sure why because I loved playing Zelda!

    I’m gonna give it a whirl then.

    • Its a great little game if you enjoyed Zelda, and well worth a pop

      • I think it just goes to show that flashy 1080p realism doesn’t necessarily win over solid, enjoyable gameplay.

        The £25 price tag for 3DDGH can’t have hurt either.

      • Oooops, just noticed that refers to US sales and expectations, rather than UK.

  2. Itsa good retro theme rpg I love it.

  3. I Want to buy the game but have not have the time to buy it.

  4. I bought it 3 days before my console YLOD’d on me, it’s still sat there waiting to be played…

    Does look bloody good though :D

  5. Atlus is just great. =P

  6. I got bored somewhere down the middle bit still intend to finish it once I have more time.

  7. Both great games, sat firmly in the favourites parts of my shelf lol

  8. I bought 3D DGH near enough as it came out. Fantastic game I would probably missed if it weren’t for you nofi, cheers!

  9. I’m still gonna get that one day…

  10. 3D DGH is one of my favorite games on ps3, only cost me £20 new from asda on launch day as well….it sells for £20 at game second hand lol. not tried demon souls yet but i am interested in it, the only reason i haven’t bought it yet is because of how hard every review says it is…..the difficulty might put me off…from what iv’e seen on youtube, it’s rock!

    • demon’s souls is only as hard as you want to make it. (example) i started a new character (royal :p) because my first one was too well rounded so i made a magic focused class and pumped all my points into magicDMG and MP so now i can 1 hit most enemies (including bosses)

      i sold MW2 and bought 3DDGH day one its a great little game with many secrets and jokes about retro games and previous FROM SOFTWARE games i still haven’t beaten it though (DAMM boss after another boss trick :( )

    • I’ll ditto that, use the royal class and its far easier, go for a melee fighter, and your asking for trouble (but then may find it more rewarding)

      • Pffft @ Royal lol
        Knight all the way!!

        That said, in theory you can roll a melee class and still pump points into Magic Dmg and MP anyways! :)

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