Monster Hunter To Get Custom PSP

For those of you who were looking to TGS as the last opportunity for you to win your “new PSP hardware again this year” bet, you’ll be relieved to know that an enhanced version of the 3000-series console will be released in Japan to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in December.


Revealed at the Sony presser earlier this morning, the special-edition console has grips on the reverse that should make long gaming sessions much more comfortable, as well as making space for a double-capacity battery. In addition, the analog nub on the front has been redesigned and enlarged, and now features an indent akin to the Xbox 360’s sticks.

There’s also Monster Hunter-themed artwork all over the console, the metallic ring and PSP logo on the UMD drive are now gold rather than silver, and there’s even custom speaker holes. A custom theme will also come pre-installed on the special edition hardware. This new revision will go on sale in Japan for the equivalent of about £150 on the 1st December. No details were given on an overseas release, but don’t be surprised to see it turn up early next year in a last hurrah before the inevitable PSP2.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I want this!!!! I hope SCEE do the same then Monster Hunter freedom 3 is released!!

  2. The images of the back that I’ve seen make it look like the original 1000 model. I always found the 1000 more comfortable to play then the 2000 or 3000 but I struggle to use any of them now as they feel huge compared the PSP Go.

    I can’t see a new PSP being announced until it starts to struggle in Japan. The 3DS might start it’s decline but at present I don’t think Sony it too worried about sales around the rest of the world. It’s allowing them to wait a little while for the world to be ready for a digital only hand held. At best we may see a PSP 2 at E3 next year but I’m not expecting a release or a reveal until 2012. I certainly don’t see Europe getting until 2012 at the earliest.

    • Yeah, I’m not expecting a release next year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a double E3 showing – 2011 announce, summer 2012 release.

  3. The enlarged indented analogue stick looks like a good idea as it’s the main source of hand cramp for me. Could do with the positioning being adjusted but I guess we’ll have to wait for PSP2

  4. I love the Monster Hunter games, I want one of these, wonder if they have the better screens in them that the Japanese all ways seem to get, will have to have a look to see if anywhere is importing them.

  5. Looks good … glad they fixed the ‘speaker’ analogue

  6. It would be smart to get something like this released worldwide before the 3DS hits and try to keep the price under 100 quid in doing so. Ha, what am I saying… bit late for Sony to play smart with the PSP now… :(

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