First Monster Hunter Portable HD Footage

If you haven’t heard already, Sony are re-releasing a number of PSP titles for the PlayStation 3, sporting all-new HD visuals and exclusive bonus content. The only game which has been confirmed so far for the new “Remastered” series is Capcom’s 2010 best-seller, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which now carries the subtitle, “HD Version.”


The PlayStation 3 port is looking fantastic, rounding off the rough edges yet still retaining Monster Hunter’s vibrant colour palette. Hopefully it won’t be too long before GoW: Ghost of Sparta, MGS: Peacer Walker, and other PSP spectaculars start making their way to the big screen.



  1. Hell Yeah! Can’t wait.

    Goodbye social life.

    • +1 to saying goodbye to the social life!

  2. They really need to go for a global release…. I can’t wait any longer!!

    • It’s likely they will go global with this, and we’re expecting the Remastered series to get a good mention at this year’s E3 conference.

  3. Whack ‘HD’ on the tin and sell a ton of games :)

  4. I love the data transfer bit in the trailer, reminds me of an old persil advert or something.

  5. Meh, we’ve waited SO LONG for a MH release on PS3 and all we get is a PSP port with subpar graphics (Wii’s MH Tri looks better).

  6. I take back what I said in the article about possible poor graphics :) Looking forward to both PSP Metal Gears getting a release! Maybe then I’ll actually complete Portable Ops.

  7. Tri was probably the game I played most on my Wii when I had it, been looking forward to being able to play a Monster Hunter game on the PS3.

  8. Currently Im in about 70 hours on HM portable 3rd psp and its a gorgeous looking game so I cant wait for this. Plus:

    – new series – psp titles customized for ps3
    – Games will be released on blue ray disks – The series is only announced for Japan at this time.
    – Graphics are Upped to HD and PS3 DUAL SHOCK SUPPORT!
    – Special new ps3 content, 3d support, new features.
    – Save data can be compatible. (a person can play when they are out and then come home and play on the big screen with hd graphics)
    – Using PS3R application, you can even enjoy ad-hoc play on your ps3!
    – First game is going to be Monster Hunter Portable 3d, more to come!

  9. Maybe they’ll bring the Valkyria Chronicles sequels to PS3 using this method too. I live in hope.

    • I wish that could happen…

      • That was also my first thought when I heard about this , I’d love the two Everybody’s Golf games ported too.

  10. This is such a good move by Sony.

    • Agreed great move, surprised they didn’t save the announcement for E3 though. Although I’m sure they will use that to announce some of the games planned, Peace Walker anyone? lol

    • Hmmm all 3 GTAs with trophy support! :D

      That would be superb!!

      • Don’t care what anyone says if Sony were to ever milk this little cash cow! I’ll be first in the line.

      • 3?

        wasn’t it only 2, liberty city stories and vice city stories… those were the only 2 i got at least.

      • Chinatown wars too.

      • I don’t see the point… they might as well combine them together, San Andreas is what what they should base it on. (dream)

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