Yakuza: Of The End Is A Zombie Shooter

Sega have fully revealed the next entry in the gangster Yakuza series – and it’ll see the series’ previous protagonists moving down zombies in the city of Kamurocho.

The reveal trailer, which we’ve lovingly embedded below, shows the outbreak taking hold, a very wobbly tank, mutant creatures, and a man with a machine gun for a hand. Yep, it looks like Yakuza has totally jumped the shark.


Yakuza: Of The End will be released in Japan next year, so we’ll likely see it the following year. Sega has yet to confirm if the game will be a proper sequel (so effectively Yakuza 5), or a spin-off, but the team behind the game have said it’s unlikely to be the last entry in the series, so I’d like to see what they do with it next if the whole zombie thing turns out to be canon.

Source: Andriasang



  1. HELL YES! great idea to possibly end the franchise, just forget about anything and go balls out crazy!

  2. So, a playable yakuza game, then! :D Good news indeed!

  3. Love Yakuza, hate zombies but not as much as people’s strange love of zombies

    • I guess you don’t have a contingency plan then?

      I’ll admit I’ve not played the Yakuza games or know any of the plots so perhaps I’m speaking out of turn but whacking zombies in seems like jumping on a bandwagon.

      • Yakuza 3 was the 2nd best selling PS3 game in 2009 (FFXIII was top)
        They’re story driven adventure titles based on the Yakuza (organised criminals) with RPG elements and massive brawler set pieces. Great games with an unbelievable atmosphere

        I can’t wait for 4’s Western release as it reportedly won’t be cut like 3 was… not sure about this Zombie spin-off though

    • I like zombies, as long as they’re of the slower shambling variety, and not the stupid running at you type thing. Having said that, I can take the faster ones in small doses, they just don’t make much sense far as I’m concerned.

      Zombies are a bit overdone lately, though. I do still feel that we’re yet to have /the/ perfect zombie game.

  4. How random. Oh well, when in doubt, add zombies!

  5. Jumping the gun? I’d be more worried about the series jumping the shark. Such a random title in the series, I hope it’s just a spin-off.

  6. Looks a lot fun if it follows the Yakuza gameplay

  7. an interesting direction to take. I love the Japanese.

  8. Pure insanity. I like it. Not sure what meds they’re on but keep taking them.

  9. I think this will be the first Yakusa i will buy.

  10. This can’t possibly be canon to the series?!??!, but it looks like it could be a fun, crazy, sort of jokey spin-off.

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