Yakuza: Of The End Zombie Footage

A new trailer for the next Yakuza shows off just what happens when Japanese developers have been working on the same perennial franchise for too long, their fragile minds fracturing, the seeds of madness allowed to germinate in strange, yet alluring, directions.

Proving that it’s possible (if perhaps unwise) to insert gaming’s fixation with the undead into any genre, check out Japanese gangsters cleaning up the streets of Kamurocho from the scourge of zombies. Yes, zombies.


Yakuza: Of The End releases in Japan next year. A European release has yet to be confirmed, but one is expected.

Source: Ryu Ga Gotoku.com via AndriaSang



  1. ゾンビ !!!!!!

  2. 絶対に狂って精神!ただ私はそれを好むか!…

  3. does it have online?

  4. The words are all the wrong way round, like a lot of weird japanese games.

  5. It looks great but enough with the Zombies!!!

  6. おもしろい! Anyway it looks humorous!

  7. 0:11 – those guys would have won synchronised diving at the commonwealth for sure.

  8. If there’s ever a zombie outbreak here, I want a machine gun arm.

  9. Maybe it’ll be out before GT5, I wonder if Polyphony are trying to shoehorn zombies in there.

    • zombie race, its like tag but the cars that are “it” dont pass “it” onto there victim, instead they increase in numbers until the last suviving car is infected with “it”


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