Yakuza: Dead Souls Trademark Outed

A trademark for Yakuza: Dead Souls has been found by Joystiq.

The trademark could be a hint to suggest that Yakuza: Of The End, which was released in Japan earlier this year, will be getting a localised release in the West. Yakuza: Of The End is set in the Yakuza universe and the events of the game occur during a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie games have been incredibly popular over the last few years and I’m sure Sega didn’t want to miss out on making its mark in Western markets.


Above is the Japanese trailer for Yakuza: Of The End and it’s bloody mental.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Hope it does get released over here.

  2. Japanese sure love zombies…

    ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!…. and in the JPN AD it seems Majima gets much more weirder…

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