Sonic 4: Episode 1 Date & Price Confirmed

The spiky blue one will be making his (hopefully) glorious return to consoles next month, as SEGA has announced the release dates and prices.

The game will be available on the iTunes App Store from October 7th, Wii owners will have to wait until the 15th October, whilst PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can start downloading on the 13th October.


The price comes in at 1500 Wii Points, 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade, and $14.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 / AU$19.95 on the PlayStation Network.

Also spare a thought for poor Microsoft PR guy Dom Carey, who is currently being blamed by a few sites for leaking this information early via Twitter – he actually read the information from IGN.  Rest easy Mr Carey – TSA loves you!

Source: IGN



  1. Best top up my 360 account then

  2. What with Plants vs Zombies and Hydrophobia already on my “to buy” list, this is going to have to unfortunately wait until the new year. Will still check out the trial obviously though :)

  3. £10?, seems a bit steep at the moment, Ill have wait and see more details about how much content is in Ep.1.
    Id much rather play this on the PSN, but price might force me to the App Store instead

    • how many episodes are planned in total??

  4. With the balls that every sonic game has been for the last 10 years and although it looks great so far, I’m not buying this without trying.

  5. Does anyone know if this is a full Sonic game? Obviously I know its “episode 1” but will episode 1 be on the same scale as the originals? Or is it just the first 3 zones, then hey pay an extra £10 to complete the game?
    If it is a full game for £10, then that’s great value in my opinion, considering what the originals would have cost at the time.

    • I am pretty sure that that will be for the first 2/3/4 zones, then the next episode will add more zones.
      £10 is slightly too expensive. Say there are 4 packs then it will work out as the same price as a disk version so maybe it should be priced at £8 per episode.

  6. Going to sound really stupid here but what the hell:

    Is this the SOnic game that has been talked about for ages and is the game that is supposed to be a return to the classic games? If so what was Sonic Adventure that was on the store last week?

    • Stupid indeed! This is info on Sonic 4, the brand new 2D game. The old Dreamcast port of Sonic Adventure was released last week at a great price of £6.29 (or that region)

      • Thanks, I was going to look into adventures but as I probably only have room for one Sonic game in my life I will hold fire to see what 4 is all about.

    • Sonic adventure was not classic 2d. Sonic 4 is the game bringing the series back to its roots

  7. cant wait!!

  8. The App store ……. ?! Really ?

  9. An iPhone version was reportedly a contributing factor in the game’s delay from the summer, so its a bit sickening that they have the cheek to get it a week early as well

    • I have Sonic 1 on the iphone and it is totally unplayable. I made it to marble zone once. Unless something is seriously changed with the control method then I will not be buying it.

      • I had it on my ipod it was also unplayable, I think I scraped through the first levels but once you needed any element of control you were out of luck. Put me off games on the ipod completely.

      • It’s been long since updated.. It’s totally playable now (as is sonic 2)

  10. First day purchase for me!

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