Sonic 4 Mad Gear Zone Trailer

SEGA have released a new trailer for the as yet, unseen Mad Gear Zone featuring in the forthcoming multi-format Sonic 4. Reminiscent of Sonic 1’s Star Light Zone with shades of Sonic 2’s Metropolis Zone, the action shown re-confirms that Sonic does indeed look back to his best.

Sonic 4 is released this week on the App Store for owners of an iDevice and next week on WiiWare, XBLA and PSN, if you can’t wait until then you can read our hands-on here.



  1. Brilliant.

  2. Can’t wait to see the LBP2 versions of this! It looks old skool cool.

  3. YES!!!!

  4. Metropolis Zone … those grasshoppers scared me!

  5. WHAT?! Next week?!
    That just blew me in the face right there!
    I didn’t expect it to come so soon.

  6. Looking fantastic. Very much looking forward to grabbing this from the store.

  7. I’m going to skip this. Just played through the originals via Sega Mega Drive Collection and I’m kind of getting tired of the classic gameplay. It’s nice alright, but it won’t entertain me forever.

    • While I’m going to get it, I know what you mean. In the recent times that I’ve played the classic Sonics I’ve enjoyed it but got bored fairly quickly.
      Still, being episodic, I can give this one a try and skip the rest if I don’t get that old school bug.

  8. Definitely looking closer to metropolis zone than star light but only my opinion lol.

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