SEGA Reset Sonic 4 Leaderboards

SEGA has confirmed that Sonic 4 leaderboards have been wiped because of cheating cheaterpants (not their official term). Although it has been acknowledged that legitimate times have also been wiped, the current tactic “is far better than simply leaving even more hacked times up there.”

SEGA had the following to say:


“It’s not a long-term solution, but while we look into what options there are to combat this effectively for good, I think it’s very important to do what we can in the short-term, too. Be patient, guys – we’re working on it, but an effective solution is not something that can be rushed.”

I guess it’s true, to be that good takes AGES.

Source: SEGA



  1. cheating cheaterpants should be the official term. It beats stupd words like “simples” getting in the dictionary.

    Must be a bit irritating if you had a good time, but with ppl hacking, good times no doubt got lost in the cheating cheaterpants (there it is again) stupid hacked results.

  2. Cheating cheaterpants… love it!

  3. I wonder why bigger games don’t do the same. All cod leaderboards are always hacked, what’s the point in including one if you’re not going to monitor it?

  4. Maybe they can wipe Sonics Teams previous failes and actully release Sonic 5 not Sonic 4 since I consider that to be Sonic & Knuckles

  5. Thats a nice middle finger to the hackers ;)

    • Give em both barrels and ban them!

  6. Cool, so Call of Duty aren’t the only games being hacked on consoles.

  7. Sega, peeing of hackers since 2010

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