Playing Borderlands and Chewing Gum

2K games has announced an extra treat for those sensible people who rush out and buy the rather excellent Borderlands GotY edition. You will not only get the fantastic game itself and all four of the DLC packs that have been released so far; you’ll get membership to the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club.

The offer is only confirmed for the US release just now as their retail release of the GotY edition is long before Europe’s. Packed in with the disc is a special certificate with a code which will get you early access to a playable Duke Nukem Forever demo when it becomes available. 2K are keeping quiet about when that might be but they do say it will be “prior to the retail launch” sometime next year.


Borderlands GotY is out in the US on October 12th and in the UK on November 26th (so probably in the rest of Europe that week too). There’s no word on whether we’ll get the same early access in Europe as they’re getting in the US but we can hope, right?



  1. And nothing for loyal customers who’ve already bought the game when it first came out AND all the DLCs.

    GOTYs and (exclusive GOTY) DLCs are really taking the **** these days.

    • Agreed. This is getting a bit pathetic. Didn’t LBP release a GOTY edition with twenty new levels from community creators? Did those levels ever make it into the online community because if not, that really does suck donkey balls.

      • I disagree. They are running a business. Why shouldn’t they try and extend the life of their products?

        Buying the game and all the DLC as it first comes out at full price is a decision for the consumer to make. If you want to play it straight away you pay the money. If you don’t want to then wait a year after release and get it a bit cheaper.

        It’s no different to buying a game day one for full price or waiting 4 months for it to reduce in price to £17.95 (or whatever on Zavvi/The Hut/Shopto.

      • Totally agree with you, if you want to wait and wait and wait for the price to drop or a bundle to come along in a few months or a year then that’s your choice. I don’t feel short changed by this decision as I have enjoyed the Borderlands DLC immensely and would say it excellent value for money the moment it goes on the store.

      • I would normally agree but this isn’t about a one shot deal. This is about looking after your existing fan/customer-base. For example, O² used to offer new customers a deal which existing customers simply couldn’t get. So with quite a bit of pressure they started to offer existing customers the same deal as people were leaving. I was one of them!

        Of course, people want to make money in business but it’s not usually a good idea to alienate the ones who’ve been with you the longest and potentially have more loyalty.

      • But the incentive to buy the game for those who didnt until now would still be there if they gave it also to those who bought it early… they wouldnt take anything away from the new buyers, but this way they take stuff away from the people who should be their first priority, those who bought and supported their game without extra stuff…

      • You should be able to find them with the search function.

      • Just realised, my comments are aimed at people getting content that’s simply unavailable to the existing crowd. Not content made available to both parties via different mechanisms. As long as the latter doesn’t take the piss, that’s fine with me. :-)

      • I actually feel the same way about albums.
        When artists sell an album and then have a couple of new hits and re-release the album with those songs added! Don’t be so f***ing lazy, write a whole album or allow YOUR FANS to return the album and exchange it for the re-release.
        Literally the only people who suffer are you biggest fans!

  2. I refuse to buy a game until a GOTY or Complete edition has been announced from now on

  3. Aren’t all these GOTY editions of games getting a bit much now? I mean, many people now wait for these editions instead of buying straight away.I had to sell my 60gb fat PS3 in August because I moved to France for a year last month, so when I return to the UK next August I will be getting a slim wit move and many GOTY editions of games like (Fallout 3, Assassin’s Creed 2, Resi 5) and their sequels wich will, no doubt, have GOTY editions by then, at a cheaper price so it doesn’t really bother me atm, but it is getting to the point where the original release seem pointless and pretty much a con!

    • Yeah, im the same, like Dragon Age, i knew it would get a GOTY, so i never brought any DLC until i have the disc. Luckily, i was correct!

    • it is pretty much a con but its just a way to keep the franchise going a little longer and keep some cash coming in

      • I guess, we basically live in a DLC culture now. A lot of games these days (not all, gotta give some developers their due) feel like they are not complete and you know that developers have cut chunks of gameplay out to release later as DLC! Like Resident Evil 5 that is a classic example of a game that felt only half there after the mamoth that was Resi 4, and sure enough Resi 5: gold edtion came along later which felt complete!

  4. Am I missing the point, but surely there can only be one “Game of the year”?

    • No because there is no gaming authority which hands out the title. As I understand it, if any reviewer gives a game the title of Game of the Year, the publishers can make a GotY edition of their game. So if TheSixthAxis names Naughty Bear their GotY, the publishers of the game could go ahead and make one.

      Maybe it’s more complex than that, but I think thats the jist of it.

      • Not that I’m recommending Naughty Bear as GotY, by the way!

  5. I preordered on and it said UK release was 15th October. Ah well, quite glad it’s chnged. Bought SO much shit this month. Plus still gonna get Fallout: New Vegas so all is not lost :)

    • Are you guys sure it’s out on November 26th? I’ve checked a couple of places now and they say October 15th.

  6. this game is great and Duke Nukem is even more of an incentive to go out and get it!

  7. don’t worry guys, the duke nukem demo won’t be out until 2020 anyway ;)

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