Halo Reaches Further

I was just playing Halo: Reach last night, thinking, I wished there were more maps I could spend my Microsoft Moonpoints on.  I wasn’t, of course – as much as I adore the Halo universe there’s not a single chance in Hell I’m ever playing online, let alone wanting more maps to get killed on over and over again.  No.  The single player’s ace, but multiplayer is a total no-fly zone for me.

Halo: Reach, Microsoft tell us, generated more than $200 million in sales in the first 24 hours of going on sale, which, apparently eclipsed “every game, movie and music premiere this year”. All that money isn’t enough to give away the maps, though – oh no – they’re charging for them. 800 points, to be precise, for three maps, which Bungie are calling the ‘Noble Map Pack’.

I love PR descriptions for new maps. In one paragraph alone there’s mention of the following wonderful adjectives: galactic; frozen; mysterious. What it boils down to is one map called Tempest which is a bit old, another one called Anchor 9 which is in space (and thus a bit dark) and a third called Breakpoint which is set in the famous demoscene party. It’s not, it’s some icy wasteland, but a big room full of PCs would have been ace.

The maps support between 2 and 16 players across a variety of modes, and are probably very exciting to the Halo hardcore. Me? I’ll just continue bumbling on through the campaign on the easiest setting trying to work the bloody jetpack and getting sniped by purple fizzy laces from a thousand yards away whilst some massive bloke with a huge minigun shouts at me with some weird English accent.

Which is a wee bit like TSA Towers when Peter’s around.


  1. Map packs do seem to be very expensive DLC in general for FPS’. I’ve never bought any so I suppose I can’t comment on their value really and if you play a game online a whole lot then it will be better value to you anyway. I can’t help thinking that for a quarter of the price of the game there isn’t a quarter as much work gone into it.

  2. No…multiplayer…?

    I only played multiplayer (before my 360 decided to red ring on me). I played some campaign before we had internet, then tried online. Never went back to campaign – it’s just brilliant online.

    • Redringer for a heartkiller?

  3. Halo is actually the only game I bother trying to play online. However, 800 MS Points for 3 maps? No. I’ll wait till they’re on offer thanks.

  4. Not sure about this, don’t really play enough now to justify the purchase and 800 points deems a lot for maps.

  5. isn’t this the same price as the MW2 price?if you cut of 2 maps

  6. Looove reach. Cant wait for new maps. Bungie always support online well and nice they actually add new achievments

  7. I hope at least ione of these maps works with the Invasion game type.
    It’s my favourite mode, 5 of my real life friends join me to make one team and we generally win as we can work together much more efficiently than a bunch of randoms.

  8. 800 for 3 maps?!?!?!??!

  9. It’s about the same price as the Modern Warfare 2 maps and they sold like hot cakes.

    I’m also assuming there will also be forge world based maps that will be released for free.

    Bungie and Forgehub are running the “foreign treasures 2” competition which ends at the end of the month. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few entries from that competition make it into the online playlists.

  10. As much as I love Halo isn’t this a bit soon.

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