New Vanquish Trailer Blasts In

A new trailer for SEGA’s upcoming game ‘Vanquish’ has hit the net, and it’s looking as crazy as a box of frogs! I managed to play this at the Eurogamer Expo and was pleasantly surprised by just how much fun it is.  It’s out next week, and a demo has been up on LIVE/PSN for a while now.  Check it out.

Source: YouTube



  1. Keep on meaning to dl the demo. Don’t think I’ll bother after watching this though.

  2. The trailers for this never fail to excite me but I didn’t particularly like the demo so with all the other games around, this will be falling by the wayside. I might pick it up cheap one day.

    • Same here.
      Liked the look but couldn’t get on with the demo. I may hire if further down the line but it’ll have to take a back seat for now.

      • I have to admit, this game was nowhere on my radar until I played the demo. I’m looking forward to it, but think I’ll hold off getting it for a while…got to tighten the ole purse strings.

      • Same as you guys, looks great but the demo was a bit naff imo.
        Might be worth a rent to see if the full game is any better, as sometimes the demo’s don’t do the game justice!

    • I thought the game looked better in screenshots than in motion and i also didn’t warm to the gameplay in the demo.

  3. I will get this game fo sho – however, I wont be running for it day one. Massive influx of great games at the moment so you gotta choose wisely as you cant play them all at the same time :-(

  4. very descent game (going by the demo) after a little fiddle with the sensitivity(note there are 3 separate sliders <3 :D)

    shame about the voice acting though my throat hurt just form playing it, hopefully a japanese/subtitle option is available

  5. loved the demo, the controls were splendid, however some in game hints about the boss battles wouldnt go amiss.

    looking forward to this.

  6. *snigger* his suit is called A.R.S :P

  7. I liked the demo :) will pick this up

  8. this game got 93% in PLAY this month they rate it big time.

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