September NPD: More Data

The NPD Group may have decided not to include US hardware sales figures in its press releases any more, but subscribers still get them and they have been slowly leaking out onto the Internet over the last 24 hours.

We have analyst firm Wedbush Morgan to thank for including the PS3 figures in an investor note, so this is a quick follow-up to our earlier post on the topic as the PS3 figures have finally been revealed.  We still do not have any PSP numbers but it is safe to assume it will be down in fifth place.

  1. 360 – 483,989 – (+36% on last month, +37.3% on last year)
  2. DS – 403,000 – (+17.6%, -23.1%)
  3. PS3 – 312,000 – (+38%, -36.6%)
  4. Wii – 254,000 – (+4%, -45.1%)

Last September the PS3 sold a massive 491,800 units thanks to the double-whammy of a price cut and the release of the PS3 Slim so it was always going to struggle to show a year-on-year increase this month.

We saw earlier that only the Accessories sector of the market had increased its sales in dollar terms, while both Hardware and Software were down.  We now know that the biggest selling “accessory” was the XBox Live 1600 Points card with its arch nemesis the $20 PSN Card in second place.  For those wondering how well Move has sold in the US we can get a hint from the statement “the three PS3 Move packages all were among ten top-selling accessory items in September” which at least suggests it did not tank.

Finally, here is my usual graph including the numbers we do know.  Remember NPD stopped reporting PS2 numbers back in March and this month’s PSP numbers are still AWOL.

Source:, USA Today via NeoGAF



  1. I’d just like to point out that the main recent spike in sales across all hardware formats was in June – you know, the month when no gamers buy games?

    • Well obviously their allocated gaming funds went on hardware. :) The release of the 360 S was also a small factor.

  2. Hmm, with the 1.5 mil Moves shipped in EU in September, Sony looks to have gotten a pretty good start with their MC device. Hopefully the more than expected interest will result in some more priority (though, not all) on compelling Move games.

  3. Looks like MOVE did well then :)

  4. Looks like Wii’s world domination is finally starting to lose momentum whilst PS3 is getting steadily higher and more constant, I always expect the 360 to do well in the US as it is the home console, I’d like to see similar information from Europe, which is an all together more neutral playing field!

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