April NPD Numbers Arrive

NPD numbers for April have started popping up across the web and although the amount of data officially released to the public keeps getting smaller and smaller, somehow the same stats continue to weasel their way out.

We’ve got the list of the top games and hardware for April listed below, along with their sales totals (if available).


NPD April 2011 Game Sales

1. Mortal Kombat – PS3, 360

2. Portal 2 – 360, PS3, PC

3. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Wii, NDS, 360, 3DS, PS3, PC

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops – 360, PS3, NDS, Wii, PC

5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters – 360, PS3, Wii

6. Crysis 2 – 360, PS3, PC

7. Just Dance 2 – Wii

8. Michael Jackson The Experience – 360, Wii, PS3, NDS, PSP

9. Pokemon White – NDS

10. NBA 2K11 – 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2, PC

NPD April 2011 Hardware Sales

1. Xbox 360 – 297,000

2. PlayStation 3 – 204,300

3. Nintendo 3DS – 194,000 (unofficial)

4. Nintendo Wii – 172,000 (unofficial)

Nothing too surprising there, except for maybe the 3DS sales figures. As stated above, those numbers are rumored and did not come straight from Nintendo but if they are indeed real, that’s a pretty disappointing start. Especially when you look back to 7 years ago at what the original DS did during it’s first 5 weeks – 1.36 million units. Granted, the original did launch during a holiday season but even still, the industry has grown substantially in the US since then, so they have to be letdown by how the 3DS started.

Source: Game Informer



  1. 3DS bombed. PS3 not surprising just now.

    • Are you being sarcastic??? How can you say it “bombed” when it barely even has any software out yet. We won’t know if it bombs until it has Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. If these franchises don’t move units(which I more than positive they will) then maybe then it’s appropriate to say it tanked.

      • The 3DS’s sales have been very disappointing. I think the DS sold 3million within a week.Ninty made the mistake of releasing it without good lineup of launch games. I smell a new interenet meme coming.:P I reckon the 3DS will start to sell more once there is enough 3rd party games to support it.

      • @rocky7302 – ask Ninty what they think. < 200,000 is pretty bad.

      • I thought the 3DS had managed to sell more then that nofi.:O That is a console that has bombed. I think,i’m not sure but i think that the PSPgo may have sold more units then the 3DS did within the first few weeks.They should have waited untill they had a decent lineup of 1st and 3rd party games.

      • No, anecdotally the PSPgo didn’t. NPD never split the PSP/PSPgo so we can’t be certain. Compared to the PSPgo the 3DS is a raging success.

        See Japanese example:

      • Huh i stand corrected. I just hope the 3DS doesn’t turn out like the PSPgo in terms of sales. All the 3DS needs is a lot of support from Ninty and 3rd party devs. Thanks Watchful for clearing that up.It will be interesting to see how it will do over the next 6 months.

  2. I think Nintendo made a mistake to release the 3DS so early. We are still waiting for that update to enable the browser and the e-shop, plus games like Zelda, Star Fox, Steel Diver and maybe even Mario or Kid Icarus should have been ready for launch.

    I know most people don’t buy 4-5 games at launch, but when their are only are one maybe two games to pick from (depends on what genres you like), it hurt console sales as many simply waits for more games to be released and at the same time scores a lower price on the 3DS.

    And getting a lot of happy, impressive and eager customers at day one is never a bad thing, as they spread the word about the console mouth to mouth. Off course we can expect a huge advertising campaign here for the summer, when some of the before mentioned games are out, because many don’t know about the 3DS, but still Nintendo missed something here.

  3. Ps3 done good despite psn issues.

    • Yes, it was actually closer to the Xbox than in March. PS3 has continued to outsell the Xbox globally for the last few weeks despite the PSN issues.

      It will be interesting to see if it can maintain that over the next few weeks, but I suspect any significant dips will be short lived… consumers have short memories and tend to forgive easily (just look how many people bought two or three Xboxs due to RROD).

      • Where have you sourced your March figures for the PS3 from? To the best of my knowledge there were none released and I’m interested to know.

      • And this month’s PS3 figures are only an estimate based on the console’s sales being “up nearly 13 percent” on last April’s numbers which where 180,800. (1.13 * 180,800 = 204,304)

        As SCEA’s “nearly 13 percent” could be interpreted as a value between 12.5 and 13, then subjected to the same rounding rules the other NPD figures follow the PS3 total could be either 203,000 or 204,000.

        NPD figures are always rounded to the nearest thousand. That the PS3 total has a hundreds component is a dead give-away that it’s the output from someone’s calculator.

      • I did a google for March NPD 2011 site:thesixthaxis.com and got a hit…. what I failed to notice when I looked at the numbers is that it was for 2009!

        Whoops, my bad.

  4. I didn’t know CODBO was on the DS. The PS3 has done well despite the hacking of PSN.Xbox is doing very well but the 3DS seems to be struggling to surpass the DS in sale. it is good to see that MK and Portal 2 are still doing well. The Wii seems to be declining in sales. I wonder what plans Ninty has for it?

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