Medal Of Honor Pirated, Working On 3.41

You can’t pirate Medal of Honor, we said, because the game doesn’t run on firmware 3.41 – it needs the decrypting goodness that only 3.42 can provide.  Right?  Wrong.  It seems that unscrupulous hackers have managed to find a work around – there’s lots of hoops, jumps and very illegal goings-on, but it’s been done: jailbroken PS3s running 3.41 can now play EA’s latest first person shooter.

We won’t go into the technical aspects of the loophole, or link to the site detailing how it’s done, suffice to say that – for some reason – once a game has an update available the PS3 doesn’t appear to check what the original executable is, so it’s possible (apparently) to swap out the 3.42 dependant Medal of Honor executable for one that will run quite happily on 3.41 – it doesn’t matter which.

This is a crushing shame – we’d have hoped the recent firmware updates had blocked this sort of thing happening – let’s hope 3.50 added more security to the innards of the console and that no more games suffer the same fate going forward.


  1. Jailbroken PS3’s can’t play online games can they? I hope they can’t. Serves them right!

  2. I am stunningly unsurprised. I was thinking about commenting on the original ‘MoH can’t be hacked post’ to point out the error but figured time would speak for itself.

  3. Don’t know why anyone’d bother. I played through the first chapter last night of my (purchased) copy and was far from impressed.

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