Medal Of Honor Warfighter Confirmed, Frostbite 2.0

[videoyoutube]2010’s Medal Of Honor reboot was a successful one – the game was a solid attempt at going up against Call of Duty, perhaps arguably more so than last year’s Battlefield 3, at least in single player.

Game Informer is reporting that this year will see another Medal Of Honor title, dubbed Warfighter.


Warfighter will run off Frostbite 2.0 (same as Battlefield) and will be developed again by Danger Close, although multiplayer experts DICE won’t be handling the online portion this time around.

The game will continue the story of the Tier 1 soldiers, with more details expected at next month’s GDC in San Francisco.



  1. Fantastic news!

  2. I wish I could be excited, but I just cant. It’s such an over saturated genre that it’s hard to get excited by any of them. I wish they would stop making FPS games (singleplayer) so damn linear, I’m fed up of being told where to go and who to shoot and in what order, give me some emergent gameplay, let me chose which path I want to take, stop holding my hand and stop creeping closer and closer to on the rails and maybe I’ll be interested once again.

    • I’m not tired with the genre as much as the era. Less present time games, more WW2 shooters please!

      • I’ve had so many reports and interviews to look through lately in regards to gameplay design that it has just highlighted what a lazy and thoughtless genre the singleplayer side of the top FPS games have become. It’s all far too scripted, so much so that I cant get past the boredom of it to actually complete them any more. End rant :P.

      • Very true, walking from point A to B, shoot some guys along the way can get extremely boring without a decent narrative that makes up for it.

      • I totally agree with AG2297. The scripted nature of today’s FPS’ is what really puts me off. It’s the reason I sold CoD: MW1 within the hour I bought the game for 70€ and never came back to the franchise.
        I’m actually glad the genre moved on to current settings. I was so tired of the millions of WW1/2 shooters. Every god damn shooter was set up in one of those wars. It wasn’t even funny anymore. To this day I can’t play a WW shooter anymore because it pissed me off so much back then…

      • WW2…yes please! It’s got to be due for a comeback after it’s gap year or three in the wilderness! ;)

    • AG2297, will you be looking forward to Farcry 3? Reason im asking is Farcry 3 doesn’t seem to be linear as MoH, COD or BF3. This is why im looking forward to Farcry even though its fps.

      • Yep I am, if it’s like the other Far Cry games then it wont be very linear at all and i’ll enjoy it like I did other FPS games such as Deus Ex. I just cant get on with the likes of COD/BF/MOH anymore though until there is something new and less lazy to play with.

    • I’m with you on this one, BF3’s SP was one of the worst I’ve played in a long time. You had to wait constantly for the AI aswell, and I haven’t even played COD since World at War. Make the games more like Crysis & Far Cry, then we’re talking!

      • Well, everyone has a very good point about Far Cry. I just bought the OXM Mag and got some interesting bits of news. (checkpoints from Far Cry 2 are now known as outposts and once you clear the outpost there is no re spawning and people might start to live at the outposts which are usually villages).

        There is a hell of a lot about FC3 in the OXM (3 or 4 pages)

      • I would love to see a proper Crysis sequel, and Far Cry 3 is looking pretty awesome. I also agree that BF3 has the most boring singleplayer of all time. I didn’t play the first MoH so I’m not sure how excited I am for this.

    • AG2297 – you miserable sod. :-P

      Okay, okay… I wholeheartedly agree. It’s the one genre that reeks of stagnation and I’d love to see far more storytelling and adventure come into the mix. FarCry is doing a good job in highlighting how we can have the adventure of Uncharted but in an FPS capacity.

      Sadly, sales figures of such juggernaut-sized titles illustrate that the masses will win out. Meh.

  3. Was just playing MoH [that fantastic helicopter level] as I read this – great news!

    • That’s some impressive multitasking!

    • Agreed, the chopper level is pretty awesome.

  4. I quite enjoyed the understated campaign of the last one, probably because I didn’t pay for the game myself, but I’m interested to see how the multiplayer’s going to pan out this time without DICE as that was arguably the stronger of the 2 parts of the game

  5. I’m guessing EA are going to be alternating between a BF game and and MoH game each year as direct competition to COD? Clever how they’re using 2 different IP’s, they’ll be able to use the excuse they’re not ‘milking it’ like the COD franchise.

    • And you’re not going to bet on a Bad Company release this year?

  6. Another modern FPS? I’m so excited…..yey……

  7. Actually glad that DICE wont have a hand in this. Their inclusion in MoH felt a little forced, and in the end, the multiplayer was a bit of a disaster (in my opinion.)

    Still, the singleplayer was magnificent.

    • Agreed. I didn’t see any redeeming feature of DICE being involved. Danger Close did a great job with the campaign.

    • My friend thinks that MOH has the best ever multiplayer. I’ve watched him play it and he mostly just camps near the opposition spawn points and takes out the enemy as they spawn. Fun…

      • The spawns were terrible. Only worth playing Combat Mission to avoid it.

    • MP was a complete disaster as you said. What DICE where thinking with it I don’t know. Everything was poorly designed, I mean, everything. guns/spawning/maps/graphics and so on. SP was meh too I thought.

  8. Really enjoyed the first game so hoping Warfighter is equally successful. Make MP a bit more balanced and it should be great.

  9. Loved the 2010 version. Single player was fantastic, great visuals and actually an emotional story. MP needed work though, hopefully it will be improved. Also the SP needs to be a bit longer!

  10. Can. Not. Wait. Loved both the SP and MP of Medal of Honour, enough to plat it yet continue playing. The single player stood head and shoulders above any recent FPS campaigns I’ve played.

    • This sums it up. Simply one of the best current gen FPS games.

      • I’m with you guys! But like GazzaGB, I really want another WW2 shooter. I’ve only really played [email protected] I want more!

    • on that basis i might give it a 2nd chance , its only £5 used in my local blockbusters.

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