Prince Of Persia Trilogy Boxset Revealed

Confirmed prior, yes, but only today has the boxart appeared in the wild, courtesy of Amazon, which confirms what we knew already (the games featured and the fact that it’s in 3D).

The triple pack, which will be released on the PS3 in Europe only on November 19th and set to cost a penny under £30, will look a little bit like this:


Source: NeoGAF.



  1. Man i wish this was being released in the states. Thankfully the PS3 isn’t region locked so looks like an import for me then.

    • PS3 is not region locked? I so did not know this… import time for me when I get a new one! Seriously though I wanna see what the actual gameplay looks like, hope it’s perty!

      • Nope, games aren’t region locked, only DLC. But i think it’s safe to say that there will be no DLC for this so that doesn’t matter.

        I haven’t seen any game play yet, but i remember loving the original Sands of Time of xbox so I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully each of the tree games has a platinum.

      • *three games. Just to clarify, there are no games about trees in this collection.

      • I’m sure the trophies will be like God of War (both had platinums)
        I loved these games on PS2. Defienatly getting it. My GoW collection was imported from the US

      • yeah mine was imported as well. splinter cell interests me more though in HD.

  2. While I couldn’t be happier about these HD Collections, I find it hard to ignore how the boxarts are making a terrific job of looking lazy, if not downright hideous.

  3. Wish this was coming to 360 :(

  4. This was out at least yesterday on Was looking over ‘coming soon’ games for my birthday/Christmas list ;)

  5. might get this at some point down the line as they are all classics to me, the only PS2 games I haven’t sold. But November 19th and subsequent weeks belong to Assassins Creed Brotherhood for me

  6. Srange, I ordered this a few weeks ago on for 23.85 and they had the same cover as posted. Since cancelled and reordered at thehut for 22.44 using walkers crisps 10% code.

  7. I have never once picked up a Prince of Persia title..
    Can anyone recommend them for me?
    I am a platform games lover such as crash/sonic/Jak and Daxter, more Uncharted and Dead Space of recent times.. And a HATRED of first person shooters. I also like long walks in the park and relaxing by the sea.

    • First of all: Dead Space? Platformer? Seriously?
      Second of all: If you love platformers, you owe it to yourself to try out the PoP trilogy, it’s one of the best trilogies on PS2 and Sands of Time is probably in my top ten games of my 200+ PS2 collection.

      • I wasn’t classing Dead Space as a platformer lol. Notice the , between the platform games and the PS3 games !!
        Cool, another game added to my growing buy collection then.

      • Oh, I guess I misunderstood the sentence… well I still don’t understand it in that case, but okay.

  8. ‘penny under £30’ … sold!

  9. How do they always manage to make the box-art for Collections really boring and ugly?

  10. Huh it seems that it will support 3d, other then that, i need to start saving.Maybe we will see a MGS collection*crosses thumbs*

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