Ubisoft HD Trilogies Heading To Xbox 360?

It seems that the Splinter Cell HD trilogy and the Prince of Persia HD trilogy may be Xbox 360 bound. Officially announced for the PS3, the ESRB also lists Microsoft’s console as one of the platforms.

This should be welcome news to Xbox 360 owners. The Prince of Persia trilogy has been well received on the PS3, and offers fantastic value for money – especially if you missed the games the first time round.


We will badger Ubisoft for an official comment.

Source: ESRB via CVG



  1. Does this confirm that the SC versions in the HD collection are the original Xbox versions? Surely 360 owners wouln’t want a HD version of a game that was substandared anyway! (the PS2 versions that is)

  2. Somebody is copying eurogamer. At least change the sub-heading.

    • We picked up the story from CVG, actually (as sourced).
      Just looked and it seems that EG and Dan both went for the most succinct and obvious sub heading though. Coincidence rather than imitation, I promise you. We always credit our source and never knowingly mimic another outlet. Unless we’re doing it to take the piss, of course but that should be fairly obvious :)

      • Biz her zaman kredi bizim kaynak ve asla bilerek başka bir prize taklit. Biz yapıyoruz sürece elbette, ** s p almak ama bu oldukça açık olmalı:)

      • nice Turkish translation, what a good idea…
        oh wait…

    • Eurogamer isnt even worthy of being known as a Gaming Website.

      TSA are awesome and never imitate or copy from what I have seen.

      They are a noble bunch mate….

    • Its not copy & pasted…..

    • Can you please be a bit more careful with regards to branding people as plagiarists. Whilst the excerpt is the same (it’s the most ‘to the point’ one I could think of), the main body of text is different – I fail to see which bit I have copied.

      • It’s also worth noting that to some people, saying “you copied them” is about as bad an insult as you can make. Which is why we sheltered the people who are copying us for so long, exhausting all reasonable avenues before publicly outing them and levelling that insult.
        I guess that to some it’s not a huge issue so they feel that the phrase can be thrown around recklessly but for those of us who really try hard to do something original, smart and professional it’s a real kick in the teeth.
        For what it’s worth, I know that none of the guys I have working on the site would plagiarise and they know that it would never be tolerated. We also keep each other honest because we’re open about our sourcing.
        It would be nice if people thought for a moment before making accusations but it’s equally as nice when regular visitors show their confidence in the inaccuracy of those accusations. It’s good to know that most people are taking notice!

  3. This would completely go against what MS had said about 2 months or so ago, by saying the HD remakes are something they are not interested in. I think the TSA had an article on this as well too.

    • I think those statements were made from a MS perspective – ie. no HD Halo (which is also still being talked about, as far as we can tell). Ubisoft have a license to publish stuff for the 360 so there’s nothing really to stop them and I can’t honestly see MS refusing them on quality assurance grounds – Ubi are too big.
      Ultimately, it’s not Microsoft’s business what Ubi does with its property so even if MS aren’t keen on the concept, they may not have a say in the decision.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there was some sort of exclusivity deal which is part of PlayStation’s Classics HD range? I remember reading something like that a few months ago in an article detailing the relationship between Sony and publishers/developers for Classic HD games.

  5. Would either of the HD collections fit onto one XBOX360 disc though?

    • good point, although DVD media is so cheap that pressing multiple discs and selling it as a kind of “box set” is financially as viable (if not more so) than putting out a single Blu-ray disc.

      • But don’t the publishers have to pay more royalties? I read some time ago (I think it was in an interview with ID concerning Rage) that Microsoft charge royalties per disc.

        This would make a bit less worth while for the publisher from a financial point of view.

    • hmmm true, more then one disc could not be that good money wise

  6. Though I don’t have a 360, this should be good news. Hopefully more classics will be released on both platforms (Kojima!).

    • Eidos? they did legacy of kain…

      • Crystal Dynamics are the studio that did LoK and they are currently busy on all things Tomb Raider, I wouldn’t hold your breath mate :(

  7. I thought Microsoft said they weren’t interested in remakes being released for the 360?

    It’s funny though, I think there’s definitely a space in the market for re-releases of old games. They’re cheap, fun, lengthy and most of all, they bring back childhood memories! The graphics aren’t half bad too, so there’s no excuse not to release older games in the form of a trilogy IMHO.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the 360 versions have tacked-on 3D support like we see in Avatar and Black Ops. If not, the PS3 versions are superior (for once). :P

    • Not by much. Not fussed about 3D as I don’t have a 3DTV and won’t be getting one anytime soon.

  8. Good to hear, the more HD remakes that are announced for both consoles, the better.

  9. It’s only fair since PS3 got Mass Effect 2!! :D

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