Splinter Cell HD Trilogy On PSN Tomorrow

The shiny HD revamp of the Splinter Cell Trilogy will be available via the PlayStation store tomorrow, a whole month before the physical discs arrive in shops. That is, if  there are any shops left in the country in a month’s time.

The disc version of the trilogy has an RRP of  £29.99 and the PSN version will cost… less? Yes, it’s true, someone has been listening to our constant moaning about the PSN pricing and the download version will cost £23.99 for a digital bundle, or £7.99 each, with discounts for PS Plus owners.


Play.com are selling the disc for £24.98 and Shopto.net have the disc at £23.86, so with the PS+ discount there’s a good chance that the PSN will be the cheapest place to pick up the game. 

This is Tuffcub, reporting for TSA news, live from the London.*

Source: MCV

*This is what all reporters do when reporting from a warzone.



  1. Nice.
    I bought Splinter Cell off Steam in the sales, but haven’t got round to it yet.
    I’m much more likely to play it on PS3 though. Good news.

  2. lol, good reporting!

  3. I salute your bravery to keep us up to date with the world of gaming, my personal thanks.


  4. Wonders will never cease. Splinter Cell isn’t really my bag but I hope it sets a precedent that continues because sooner or later, there definitely will be something that I’ll pick up.

  5. The worm is turning.

  6. “*This is what all reporters do when reporting from a warzone.”


    I bought them all on Steam a little while ago but have barely played them. Will probably go back to them when I’m suffering Metal Gear withrawals.

  7. Great, i wasn’t expecting them so soon but i’ll grab them while there’s a PS+ discount.

  8. Peter, give Tuffling a raise. He should get paid 10 biscuits an hour and 5 cups of tea per hour instead of 5 biscuits and 2 and half cups. :p

    Something’s fishy is going on here. There is no way they would sell it that cheap on the store. Oh my god, they want our souls! *alerts the gaming press* :-p

    While it is cheap, i prefer the physical version as that has the new game smell and the digital version doesn’t and it takes up less HDD space.:)

  9. I wish that he mutiplayer was working in them, will pick them up though.

  10. After the issues with the PoP trilogy and having a lot to do already, I’ll wait before even considering getting this. No doubt the disc version will be half price in a month anyway lol

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