Splinter Cell HD Collection Receives ‘Inverted Aim’ Patch

If you’re one of the gamers out there that think up means down and down means up, you may be happy to hear that the Splinter Cell HD Collection on PS3 has received a patch that now allows for an inverted aiming option.

The collection originally launched without this choice, much to the displeasure of a fair amount of gamers. Ubisoft stated they were looking in to it but never gave an official word before the patch went live this week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to scroll up to the bottom of the page and check out all your wonderful comments.


  1. Disregarded the game because I heard about this, may reconsider now.

    • Amazon.co.uk has it cheap now as a black friday deal, but only for a short time more.

      • it’s £14.95 on zavvi.com too

      • Was 10 on Amazon.co.uk, if you got the BF deal.

  2. Bit of an oversight in the first place but it’s obviously a good thing they’re listening to people and responding.

  3. I’m a total weirdo when it comes to axis inverted controls. It really depends on the game. One game I invert the X and the Y axis, the next game feels uncontrollable with the X axis inverted and sometimes I don’t need to invery anything… I don’t get it myself… But it’s always nice to have the option!

    • Have exactly the same issue! Think it’s more third person I do inverted and third person just normal.

      • If that’s what you do with third person, what do you do with third person? :-)

      • Well in third person I third person the third person to the third person! But ye no idea what my mind was doing lol, I do like a good paradox tho. But FIRST person I invert and THIRD person is normal. *proof reads 20 times* yep, good enough!

      • I think it’s the other way around for me but still depends on the game. For Halo I always have the Y-Axis inverted but when I tried it with Killzone I kept looking in the wrong direction…

  4. Nice to see that they are hearing what people are saying and trying to accommodate them.

  5. Forcing me to learn how to play non-inverted was the only good thing that came out of that terrible collection. It’s a nice feeling to put a new game in the tray and not have to immediately go into the options menu ;)

    • That is annoying. I wish the PS3 had the same profile defaults option that the Xbox has. It’s nice not having to bother with the options but I’ve been playing games for a very long time and it would likely be a painful process to break that habit.

  6. “I have to scroll up to the bottom of the page”
    You mean you have to roll your mouse wheel downwards (or drag the scrollbar downwards) so your webpage can scroll upwards? ;)
    (or are you using OS X Lion?)

    On Topic; are they also going to Fix Beyond Good and Evil HD?

  7. From what I’ve heard the lack of inverted axis controls was the least of it’s problems. I’ve not bothered with this because it was full of bugs?

  8. Loved this collecetion still haven’t made my way through all of it but now my router is nearing the end of its life mw3 and uc3 online are off the cards for a week till payday so mey get on the splinter cell :) whoop

  9. I’m really happy about this. Now i can complete the first game and consider picking up the rest.

  10. I got ‘The SLY Trilogy’ the other day and its brilliant[i missed it last gen]but WHY! OH! F-IN! WHY! does the game saves have to be ‘Copy Protected’ for?????????????? :-/ That is 1 of the most annoying this this gen[well last gen to] :-/

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