Splinter Cell Trilogy Multiplayer Removed

It seems the 3DS version of Splinter Cell wasn’t the only one to get socially neutered, as it has been confirmed that the PS3 Splinter Cell Trilogy will have all online aspects and co-op removed:

“Unfortunately … the online part of the original games won’t be included. Sorry no co-op will be included in the trilogy.”

This is somewhat of a downer, as they were an enjoyable part of the original games. However, three fairly large single player games for the price of one is still good value if you ask me.

Source: US PS Blog via CVG



  1. This is good news. With all games feeling the need to shoehorn mp into their games, more devs should make this decision. As far as I’m concerned splinter cell should be sp only anyway. No complaints here!

    • …but the MP was already there, and it was good!

      • Unless I’m mistaken (and I may well be, given its before 9am…) but I thought Double Agent was the first multiplayer SC game… the one which sucked :D

      • Whoops, Pandora Tomorrow had it. My bad (definately should have Google’d first… and read the TSA article properly it seems lol) :$

      • never used them for MP anyways was all about the SP for me.

    • Except this is the complete opposite. The single player isn’t going to magically get better because they removed it you know.

  2. Normally I welcome a move away from MP… but it was already there in the beginning anyway which I find strange, and it generally worked quite well. No doubt this will put some people off.

  3. Yay! Splinter Cell is completely about sneaking around in the shadows, choking bad dudes and moving on. Conviction proved to me the only way you can achieve that in co-op is to disregard the aspect of stealth almost entirely and instead opt for a more action-oriented game. Definatley not how I want to replay Chaos Theory lol. Besides, completely single player games = easier trophy lists for me :D

  4. Which translates to ‘will release MP Patch for £7.99 after enough moaning’

    Pandora Tomorrow co op was ace.

    I have all the originals but will still trade them in for the HD package. It was great and all but Splinter Cell for me is about sneaking about on your lonesome in the shadows.

    Still will be a great game and well worth the price if you ask me.

    Foxhound_Solid is still in :-)

  5. Also, they will be using the enhancing PC versions of Splinter Cell games, not the PS2 ones…

  6. Balls!! The multiplayer is awesome… convictions mp was shit as

  7. I don’t mind they aren’t putting it in. Looking forward to playing these though.

  8. I think it’ll still have local multiplayer, right?

  9. I applaud. Tired of every game “needing” multiplayer. Spend less in production by cutting your MP. Then pass the savings on to the consumer.

  10. Fine by me, I’d only have played the single players games anyway.

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