Splinter Cell Trilogy Dated For N.A.

Ubisoft sent out a press release yesterday detailing when we’re going to see the often talked about Splinter Cell HD trilogy in North America. So when will you and Sam Fisher be one again?  March 22.  You’ll even have the option of picking it up on the PlayStation Store, or on blu-ray for $39.99.  As far as we know, the Splinter Cell trilogy is currently only dated for North America, but there should be a release date for Europe coming in the near future.  Ubisoft also made mention that the already digitally released Prince of Persia trilogy will be coming to blu-ray in North America on the same day.  Both games have been upgraded to HD and are playable in 3D.



  1. March 25th! I do believe Lovefilm made a wild guess that every retail release for 2011 would be on March 25th then corrected when more information showed up. I guess they will probably not have to change this one although come to think of it I don’t think it’s listed. Just Tomb Raider Trilogy. Anyhoooooo YAY SPLINTER CELL :) twas a really enjoyable game but I have no idea which one I played :p

  2. A Ha – This is a day one with the swift trade in of the originals for PS2.

    It can still nicely next to Double Agent PS3 game…..


    • Double agent made my original ps3 freeze! :(

      • correction: Double Agent wasn’t freezing, it was just it’s 0.000001 fps that made you think so. Goddamn Ubisoft Sahngai.

  3. Looking forward to the Splinter Cell HD, i hope its the original XBOX versions..

  4. Trust Ubisoft to go against the grain.

  5. Have not had a chance to play any of them so this will be nice, at the right price

  6. I played Pandora one, but got bored :S

    • Thats the best one Pandora Tomorrow. They are good games, I would give it another chance. Granted they are no where near as good as MGS, but as an alternative with a different style of stealth they are excellent games.

      Its worth a play through for the training level on Splinter Cell ‘seen you on the monitor Sam’ – Good Times :-D

  7. great set of games.

  8. Looking forward to these.

  9. Can’t wait to give these another playthrough, great trilogy of games

  10. But we all want the daddy of stealth games to be released as a PS Classics collection aswell, give us the MGS collection !!!

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