Warrior Within Coming To PSN

In tonight’s US PlayStation Store update, Prince of Persia sequel, Warrior Within, will be available to download at $14.99. Infamous for its destruction of one the most happy-go-lucky protagonists in modern gaming, the title will be showing off new HD graphics, also supporting stereoscopic 3D. Here is the somewhat over-enthusiastic description from PSN community manager, Patrick Brod:


Wield two weapons at once, manipulate the environments and control your enemies with the Sands of Time AND rock out to some Godsmack while you hunt the mighty Dahaka! Long flowing jet-black hair + man-scara + M-Rating + Godsmack = Best. Week. Ever.

Though yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft or Sony, it’s likely Warrior Within will launch in tomorrow’s European update, price-hike included. If you don’t fancy shelling out £12 a PoP, the Prince of Persia Trilogy is now available, including all three of the original games at a sensible sum of £24.99.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Sorry is this a hd ps2 remake?

    Oh and thirst

  2. Yeah just re read it and haven’t a clue. Have only played the recent one and thought it was fab. Really like the cell shadedness (?) of it and the acting was spot on. The other ones have never appealed to me. So anyway. This one is a hd remake of an xbox one? Or a ps2 one? Or a new standalone one? Thanks

  3. Thanks. So this will have trophies then I assume.
    Also that’s something I kinda miss from the old days, the trophy hunter post. I know it’s in the forum now and is a great resource but a nice round up on a Friday would be lovely. Anyway I’m just killing time now so hanging around here. Think I’ll make a brew in a minute.

  4. Mr Brod also seems to have overlooked that the fact that the entire point of the game is that the Dahaka is hunting the Prince, not the other way around.

    I’m afraid the death star will be quite operational by the time his friends arrive.

  5. i recommend skipping this iteration in favor of the sands of time. it was better and didnt have godsmack in it.

    • WW was a good game which played well. My only gripe was the fact that they flipped the Prince onto his dark side. Imagine if in Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake turns up with the severed heads of Elena and Sully, kitted out in a black robe.

      • Warrior Within gets a lot of stick but the platforming was still great and is up there with Sands of Time, Two Thrones and the Forgotten Sands (which was a very entertaining game in its own right).

    • Haha, oh yeah I remember the Godsmack music!

  6. “If you don’t fancy shelling out £12 a PoP”

    Brilliant :’) I love the little puns you guys get in to your articles.

    • We appreciate the recognition, my friend ;)

    • Ha Ha. Didn’t notice that at first. Genius.

  7. A bit off-topic, I know, but whatever.
    Any of you guys know if Ubi is working on a sequel to PoP 2008? It had quite the cliffhanger ending, one would assume they would follow up on such things with a sequel.
    I really enjoyed the game for one, would suck if they abandonded it.

    • PoP08 had probably been my favourite in the series, and was in my top three games of 2008. The story was continued via DLC, though this also ended with a cliffhanger. Personally, I think they will return to that saga, they just need to tie up their work with the other series.

      • Yeah, I played the Epilogue aswell. I find it really odd though that they just ignored PoP 08 and went with Forgotten Sands.
        I really hope you’re right about them returning to the series…

      • Same here. PoP 2008 received high praise from most critics, mainly due to the art style, unique play-model and character development (an element which had been lacking in WW and TTT.)

        It would be upsetting if Ubisoft didn’t return to tie up the loose ends. If it’s coming, I would say that it will be unveiled next year at one of many expos.

      • I don’t think it did very well, hence the U-turn back to the old game style, so I would be surprised if they did make a sequel. It was a fun game though, one of the few I completed so I obviously enjoyed it!

      • Yeah, you’re right, I don’t think it lived up to Ubis expectations sales-wise. But it still sold better than Forgotten Sands, so hopefully that will make them return to the `08 series.

        According to VGChartz, which is the only source of in-depth videogame sales information I know of, PoP 08 sold 700,000 in the first 10 weeks on the PS3, while Forgotten Sands sold only 225,000. Quite the gap there.

      • PoP’08 was definitely the prettiest looking PoP game. Especially when compared to Forgotten Sands, which was generally grey and dull.

  8. the only PoP ive played was the horrible psp iteration, the puzzles were fun in parts, but the combat was horrible. revelations i think it was called. il probably pick up the three for one around christmas though as ive been told that the combat is fine in the ps2 versions.

    now to wait for ico and SOTC : D

    • Even though I didn’t play it, I thought Revelations was a port of warrior within to the PSP, adding only a few levels.

  9. Think I’ll get the trio

  10. just nice!

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