Prince Of Persia Trilogy HD Footage

It was good to hear so many positive comments when the Prince of Persia Trilogy was announced for the PS3.  Those who missed out on these great games now get the chance to see what we oldies have been banging on about for so long now.  Some footage of the first ten minutes of the first game has appeared online, and it doesn’t look bad at all.  Will this be sneaking its way into your home?

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks very nice, I missed these on the PS2 so I think I’ll pick them up.

    • same here. will Splinter Cell be out on HD as well?

      • I don’t think Ubisoft have “officially” confirmed that one yet despite HMV, The Hut and Lovefilm to name a few having placeholders for them.

      • Don’t forget Rayman HD too!

  2. Yes it will!!

  3. Yeah I can get the trilogy again!!

  4. I had all three of these games on the PS2 once upon a time, but i never got around to finishing any of them (got stuck, other newer shinier things came out etc)! Now that they are being re-released with trophies though, that could be the thing that pushes me through & actually gets me to finish ’em! A bit sad really, but at least i may get to see the ends of the games now! :)

  5. Looking forward to play these again. I miss them lol.

  6. I never got into these first time around, but I do love the genre – will deffo pick this collection up.

  7. You know you love a game when you can still remember the first 10 minutes so well.

  8. Yep I expect I’ll be picking this up along with the Sly Cooper trilogy as well.

  9. Cool. I guess uncharted got a few ideas from this game.

    PS. is there a name for that stupid scream at 7:33?

    • 7:33, 7:35ish. goes mmmmmwwwwaahhh! ?


        Don’t think that’s it

      • Funny, can’t watch the vid as am at work, but that was the exact same thing that i thought of too!

  10. prince of persia 1 was awesome. a must buy indeed.

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