Parasite Eve Heading To PSN

Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed via Twitter that Square Enix will be bringing previous entries in the Parasite Eve series to the PSN.  Not much else was said, and more details and an official announcement will follow soon.

The original Parasite Eve game was developed in California, but had a very Japanese feel to it.  It followed the story of ‘Eve’, a woman with tremendous powers.  A sequel followed, this time developed in Japan.  They are both held in high regards and will make a welcome addition to the PSN.

Source: Andriasang



  1. w00t!

  2. Awesome~!!

    • I suppose there’s no chance on HD remakes, just classic titles? =P

      • True, its a pity!

        still, they are day one purchase for me!

      • Classic is always better than HD remakes, lets take the film ‘Psycho’ as an example :)

        Also playing games in original form relies on the most important element – Gameplay over visuals!

      • I too was hoping for that. I still have the ps1 disc, but would buy a hd remake anyway…

      • Well.. I actually have the original Parasite Eve 2, and the old 60GB ps3, so I wouldn’t be downloading the classic. If it would’ve been a remake though..

      • I actually played this on my PSP by remote controlling my PS3 from school. There was some lag/delay though..

  3. I was chatting to a friend about these games the other day…. used to love them

    • I’m looking forward to this. I have PE2 but never managed to find the first one back in the day. I think I will play it on the PSP.

  4. Ah, the slow old days.

  5. PSN+ for free please!

    Love these games and can’t wait to see if 3rd birthday lives up to them!

  6. OMFG! YES! such underated games…Mitochondrion FTW!

  7. Was this a PS1 game? Or are they remaking it as an actual PSN game?

    • It are PS1 games. Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2.
      I suppose they’ll be re-released as PS1 games, to play on yer ps3 or psp.

      • I thought Parasite Eve 2 was PS2, I may be wrong though

      • Cool, cheers :) 3rd Birthday is looking goods so might have a look at the originals too

  8. as the first Parasite Eve was not released in Europe the PSOne classic will only see it’s rerelease in the US and Japan. Parasite Eve 2 however did get a EU release. But considering SCEE’s track record …

    PS. Did you know SCEA was celebrating halloween with a 1-year anniversary of the release of the PSOne classic Silent Hill?

  9. we better see the first one in europe, they never gave us a chance to buy it first time around, forcing some of us to use other means.

    i want to actually be able to legally buy the game this time.

    • Yep i know (hate me) but i played the first one on a chipped PS1…

      • Hate me too, I chipped mine to import FF Tactics.

      • i think most people who played it in europe did.
        it was the only option, i would loved to have bought it then, and i still would love to buy it now.

        if only they give me the opportunity.

  10. Guess it’s time to get another US Store PSN card to get this one then :(

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