TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #95 Free Realms

The fact that Free Realms has yet to launch on the PS3 is a mystery. We’re sure someone over in SOE could explain it to us if they sat us down and took us through the minefield of getting an MMO onto a console, but it’s still baffling as to why, after launching successfully on the PC and attracting millions of free (and subscribing) members, the console version is still in limbo.

With its attractiveness to younger gamers through mini-games and how it introduces the concept of interactivity with others online in a safe, fun environment, not to mention its colourful, customisable characters, Free Realms could be the gateway for Sony to a whole new demographic. Yes, that sounds a little insidious, but I know I’d prefer children were enticed by a game that rewards collaboration with others rather than watching them rank up head-shots in the latest FPS.


2010 was designated “Year of the console MMO” by those in the know. I think we even said it as well at one point. Here’s hoping Sony Online Entertainment finally iron out whatever complex issues they’re having with bringing Free Realms to the console market next year.

We’re still interested SOE, but as you can see from where this kitschy MMO for kids with oodles of potential has appeared on our list, that interest is understandably dwindling.



  1. I love the idea of a MMO on consoles and I was hoping this would help open the gates for it to happen, but from the sounds of it its not looking good!

    Though Shopto.net has a confirmed price(not sure about date) I think when I was last over there.

    • March its posted for as I was looking into getting in some MMO loving on the PS3

  2. Whilst it’s not for me, I’m with you all the way on this one, Kovacs. Sony really need to get this launched so they can test the waters of MMO on the PS3.

    • I get the feeling DC universe will be out first. It’ll be the fist MMO I’ve given a proper go.

      We coudl yet see FFIV, Free Realms, DC Universe and The Agency all out next year but my money is on only 2 making it to release.

  3. I couldn’t care about this anymore, it’s like RS coming to consoles. Why???

  4. i really want to try it, but for some reason it ran like shit on my pc, so i’ve been eagerly awaiting the ps3 version, is it one or two years late now?

    seriously, sony run one of the most successful mmo stables out there, why has it taken them so long to get one running on their flagship console?

    and they better not screw over europe like they always bloody do, you know everquest for the ps2 is still running, oh they shut down the eu servers years ago, but it’s still running for, as if i need to even say it, the us.

    i tell you they better not frakk up dcu here, because with champions online going free to play next year i’m not gonna pay for a second class service just because i don’t live in the us.

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