Fighters Uncaged Trailer

When the Kinect launch lineup was announced, it did attract some criticism for seemingly offering a range of titles at odds with what people imagine the typical Xbox user to be. Of course anyone with half a brain will realise that Microsoft sees Kinect as a means to attract a whole new demographic to accompany the Halo, Gears, Forza & CoD playing stereotype amongst their userbase.

Dance Central is currently receiving plaudits for being the system’s killer app, but despite being announced in August, Fighters Uncaged has so far been flying under the radar, which is surprising as the title looks to be the best ‘fit’ for what people describe as core gamers.

The new trailer below shows off some of the fighting moves possible ranging from the normal punching, blocking and dodging that you’d expect to the down and dirty head stomping. Although the trailer shows gameplay only, you can see how this maps to your body with the GamerLive Gamescom interview. All this leaves us wondering why Fighters Uncaged hasn’t been pushed to the fore when promoting Kinect in the corner of the internet populated by us gamers.


Via: Kinectaku.



  1. I don’t see this being a game where split screen is a good idea. People actually kicking each other is going to be an issue. We don’t all have massive spaces for gaming.

    He mentioned that it’s not one to one mapping of your movement and it shows in the game but I think that’s good and bad. It seems like a feeble twitch of the leg is going to be as powerful as a proper kick which is good for the casual gamers but I can see where people would want this game to be more involved with your movement.

  2. It looks pretty good I think, not that I even have an XBOX! It does look like fun though, so long as you don’t kick you child in the face!!

    • Yeah, try not to do that ;)

    • My girlfriend’s brother once uppercut his 5 year old cousin when she tottered past as he was Wii Boxing! It was an interesting Christmas…

    • but it’s ok to kick an adult in the face?

  3. I’m not surprised that Ubisoft doesn’t push this further when you look at the gameplay graphics. Furthermore, as I understand it, those sick finishers only appear as a sort of cutscene reward when you have made some more ordinary hit and kick combos.

    As for The Fight: Lights Out, are you guys of Sixthaxis about to release a review any time soon?

  4. The gameplay looks good enough. It’ll be interesting to compare with The Fight when they’re both finished.

  5. This suffers the same problem as most Kinect trailers – how can you actually judge this game without seeing the person in front of the camera flailing their arms about? Fine the graphics look decent, big deal it’s a 360 game not a Wii game, what is important is how it plays and from that trailer you have know idea how it controls or how intuitive the interface is…

    At least in the run up to the PS Move’s launch there were lot’s of demos showing games/tech demos being controlled in real time – aside from watching a few people dancing for Dance Central and watching people have trouble navigating the menus I’ve not seen much in the way of real gameplay demonstrations…

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