GT5′s New Release Date Confirmed

Finally, after weeks of speculation (and a frustrating amount of silence from Sony) the updated, final, not-going-to-change-no-matter-what release date for Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 has been confirmed.

The date for this momentous occasion?  November 24th.

There’s been so much said about Sony’s driving simulation since it was first delayed, copies have appeared on Czech auction sites, videos have surfaced on (and been removed from) YouTube, Trophy lists have appeared and we even got a list of the starter courses.


Thankfully, all that’s now at an end.  GT5 is, after six years, nearly here, and thank goodness for that.



  1. sweet, at last. 2 questions though:
    1. where’s the Bongo Friendee?
    2. how long until bike DLC or TT2 is released?
    Hope I can get a copy though, shopto shall be hit up come Monday.

  2. I sure am going to miss all the variety of comments that people have posted.
    How long until it’s reviewed on thesixthaxis?…or has that been delayed as well?

  3. Not long now!

  4. Finally!!!! :) I’ve had it on pre-order with ShopTo for over a year now!! I wonder if they will ship it out a day or two early like they often do with Friday releases? Fingers crossed!! ;)

    • I just checked mine and placed the pre-order on 29th August 2009!
      I have the day off now so I am hoping it arrived the day before so I can have a full day of hammering it

  5. I’ve got an email from confirming it :)

  6. Amen to that porcupine

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