Possible GT5 Trophy List Leaked

It’s been an odd day or two for those of us who can’t wait for GT5 news. Apparently it’s been seen in the wild, there are people playing it as we speak and now we have what appears to be the first unveiling of the trophy list. We’re desperately trying to get Sony to step out of the shadows and say something about all this but until they do it’s worth remembering that this all has to be considered unofficial, no matter how compelling the evidence is.

Included in the list are imaginative rewards such as a bronze trophy for completing a one-two finish in a Subaru Impreza WRX STi and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, as well as another bronze for winning a race by 0.01 seconds or less. Most of the trophies are based on progression through the game, with trophies for training a B-Spec driver and for winning certain series. There are a few hidden ones in there two.

The full list, which I have to remind you is still very much unofficial, can be viewed here.


To add further credibility, a video of the Trophy list has now been uploaded here.


  1. I wonder if this is from the same bloke that was playing it today?

  2. Looks like the normal sort of racing game trophy list

  3. “Collect 256 paint colours” WTF?! Doesn’t sound like something in Gran Turismo.

    • Also spend every last credit, how’s that possible, you’ll always end up with an odd amount.

      • Have 1000 cars in your collection – bronze. I think that one is the most confusing. A bronze? Seriously?
        It’s possible but seems a bit harsh.

      • “15 – Sky-High Roller – Buy an insanely expensive car – bronze”
        “16 – High Roller – Bought a seriously expensive car – bronze”
        Surely these are the same meaning?

      • Definitely not right.

      • Buy a seriously expensive car 500k+ credits, but an insanely expensive car 1m+ credits? Simple.

      • So that’s a race car for 500,000 and the bugatti veyron (If it’s in the game) for the 1,000,000.

      • I don’t know, I was just providing an example of how it might work.

        Check the video out I just added to the story.

    • Gets better. “Multi-Millionaire – Possess an Ivane amount of money ” What the hell do they mean?

      • guessing it’s meant to be insane. None of these sound like GT or Kaz.

      • I think that is a translation error. It’s a Czech site. So whoever wrote it may not have the best English.

  4. Trophy 58. I knew there would be something similar. Looks like the Platinum will be quite exclusive…

    • Here’s what pemberton is referring to;
      “Gold Standart – Get a gold trophy in every race event, license test and special event – gold”

  5. This is going far too long… the answer is needed

  6. looking through the list, maybe, maybe not.

  7. Some of them do look credible…

    • Like this;
      “Top Gear Test Track – Complete the Top Gear Test Track Special Event”

      • A Top Gear trophy…. if that’s real, my dream has come true.

      • It’s a bronze trophy, and the top gear track is in the game, so I’d say it’s credible.

    • but some look incredible

      • whats with the italics???!

      • That was my fault. I was trying to have the “This” in italics, but I musn’t have done it correctly.

  8. oo-er. Guys, does the side of the page loook like it’s in italic while on this story?

  9. Stupid slow RSS feed, I must’ve sent this in as you were writing it up! haha

  10. The video has convinced me it’s real. Everything is spelt correctly (Americanised) and are in a logical order etc.

    • Yeah I noticed the American English spelling, odd for a game which has leaked in the Czech Republic, but far to convincing to be fake, especially with the rest of the stuff coming out the Czech Republic yesterday & today.

    • Agreed……….the video seems to be legitimate :D

    • Damn, really hoping these weren’t the final ones, some sound stupid. I presume the 256 car colours is collect 256 cars, each with a unique colour.

    • Hopefully we get it localised, I drive in MPH (in games, can’t actually drive), not kmph

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