Killzone 3 Beta For All PS+ Members

Previously requiring the moons of Saturn to be in perfect alignment, a PlayStation+ PSN account and the month to have a “v” in its name, James Thorpe has posted over on the official PlayStation blog declaring a free-for-all for every Plusite not already getting their Helghast on in the Killzone 3 beta.


That’s right; no vouchers, no codes, no begging. Just go to the PS+ section on the store and download away. It is stated that this offer is only available “for a limited time,” however. So, jump to it, soldier.

Other PlayStation Plus Mid-November treats include:

  • 20% day one discount on the downloadable version of Red Faction: Guerrilla. There’s also a one hour full game trial available.
  • Mid-month, 20% off Crazy Taxi will also be available.
  • Buy one mini, get the other free. Titles include Monsters ‘Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess‘ and ‘Who’s That Flying?!’ (Review here)
  • Finally, a “totally exclusive” dynamic theme for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is on offer.

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog



  1. they have done this now because people arent playing the beta. I havent touched it for ages, neither have most of my friends list. I guess everyone is playing black ops /need for speed/assassins creed and the like.

    • My thoughts too, my friends list is populated by about 80% PS+ subscribers most of whom managed to get in the beta through downloading the theme, and although this means nothing as its just anecdotal no one has played it for quite some time.

      They need to get data, so allowing more people in is the best way to get some data if the initial wave rarely play it, so they can continue to test hotfixes & server gubbins they’ve worked on

  2. Psn+ is already paying for itself after a few months.

    • PS+ Not PSN+ (i’m feeling pedantic)

  3. Tempting! I’ve got so much to play at the moment though!

  4. Awesome – hopefully I can grab the KZ3 beta at the weekend.
    I’ll be buying WTF?! anyway, even though I already have Monsters.

  5. Even the 20% discount on Crazy Taxi doesn’t make it cheaper than the 10 dollar price in the US. Sigh.

  6. Nice. Already in the beta but i’m glad that they are letting more people in. The discounts don’t bother me as i am resisting the urge to buy anything off the store so i have money to buy Dead Nation.

    On another subject what has happened to the community round-up posts as i joined quite a few meets from them or have i just missed them.

  7. dang that makes me wish i had my ps3 and ps+ sounds good to me.

  8. Whoever got what is basically an unpaid job as a software tester and turned it into a premium commodity that some perceive as a “fantastic deal” is a marketing genius.

    • Yes its bloody terrible getting hours of KZ3 gameplay for free, not to menttion weeeks worth of free entertainment from the LBP Beta. For free.

      • – It’s not for free. You are paying a subscription for whatever you get thrown your way.
        – You’re playing an unfinished product and paying for the privilege.
        – Betas are supposedly meant to test software for bugs. Beta testers are supposed to give feedback to the developers. I don’t see a lot of that happening in these betas. All I see is people scrambling to get into the betas because, well, we’re all impatient and want to lay our hands on the latest and greatest even before it’s finished.

  9. 5.5Gigs for the red faction demo?!!!!!!!!

    • It’s a full game trial, basically download the whole game, try it out for an hour and if you want to buy you just but the unlock key (about 6kb)

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