Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ships 1 Million Copies

Konami has confirmed that the Castlevania reinvention ‘Lords of Shadow’ has shipped a combined one million copies in the US and Europe since October.  Shinji Hirano, president of Konami, had the following to say:

“Castlevania has truly reinvented itself with its move to next gen platforms and we’re extremely pleased at the positive response we’ve seen toward Castlevania: Lords of Shadow globally, mainly due to the dedicated fans who have supported the series for so long.

The remarkable sales achieved in such a short time are a true testament of the work and dedication that went into this project, and we’re very grateful to have partnered with such fine talent in the rebirth of one of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.’s most successful franchises.”

The game is set to launch in Japan next month.


  1. Also, for whateer reason, the price for this game has had the biggest fluctuations I’ve ever seen, with some online retailer selling it at a huge discount, selling out and coming back at normal price only for another retailer to offer it on the cheap a few days later.

  2. Have only heard great things about this game, it’s one of many on my ever growing list of games to get later on when cheap and I’ve finished GT5.

    • I highly recommend it! finnished it last night and it was pure awesomeness 8p

      • plus its £17.99 in most retailers! never a better time to pick it up ;) thats what i tell myself.

  3. Had this game, destroyed the second Titan and dare I say it, I was bored. Traded it in. Love every Castlevania up to this one but with god of war and devil may cry it just felt dated and very repetitive. Shane as I love the Vania franchise.

  4. I’m 99.9% sure that this is lurking about the house somewhere ready for Christmas. Looking forward to it very much. Didn’t realise that it was such a big seller though, no one on my friends list has been playing it.

  5. Best Castlevania game since Symphony of the night. As a long time fan of Castlevania (since the NES and MSX2 games), I believe they did it right to come back to the basics and define a 3D Castlevania for what the original games were: action game, with a sense of loss to drive the character (as the original Demon’s Castle arcade, which became Castlevania), with whip slashing action and mystic powers. Being able to swing across gaps with the battle cross is something I missed since Castlevania IV, so it was delightful to be able to do that again. The game graphics and music are also absolutely great. A must for Castlevania fans that are open to rediscover their favorite series and find out that everything they loved on the originals is there, just presented in another way.

  6. I’m playing this on and off at the moment and it’s really great. The graphics and plot line are fantastic and I hope that the new style for Castlevania is carried over to the next episode in the franchise.

  7. I’ve never played a Castlevania game before this one, so don’t know how it would be viewed in comparison, but I love it. It’s basically Lord of the Rings with vampires and werewolves. What more could you want from a game!

  8. Im suprised by the amount of sales its had, without a jap release. i was under the impression the japanese were mad for castlevania and especially kojima(related products)

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