Yakuza 4 Story Trailer

I’m a huge fan of SEGA’s story driven RPG-Brawler ‘Yakuza’ series, so this trailer has just raised my excitement levels from ‘exceptionally excited’ all the way up to ‘ready to burst’.

Yakuza 4 was released this March, going on to be the biggest selling title in the series. Since then the game has been undergoing localisation for Western markets, but unlike Yakuza 3, things like the uniquely Japanese hostess bars aren’t being edited out. This time you take on the role of four playable characters in their adventures in Kamurocho, the red-light area of Tokyo.


You can fight me for my place at the front of the queue when Yakuza 4 launches in the spring.

Source: SEGA



  1. “There so tough they don’t need umbrella’s ” Quality . The Narrator could convince me to buy anything with that voice.

  2. Sold!

  3. Rarely am i shocked or amazed by a trailer. but this is different.
    this trailer is amazing (im buying this game)

  4. “These guys are so tough they don’t even use umbrellas” lol SOLD

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