No Playable Vehicles in Arkham City – Rocksteady

In the latest issue of British gaming mag, GamesTM, Rocksteady boss Sefton Hill has commented on the inclusion of vehicles in Batman: Arkham City. With the sequel now being set on the streets of Gotham, many speculated that there would be segments of the game which will put players behind the wheel of the Batmobile. Unfortunately, however, Hill has confirmed that it’s not going to happen. He said:


There aren’t any playable vehicles in the game… What we’ve really focused on is Batman himself. We see him as the ultimate vehicle.

Though some Bat fans will be disappointed, it may be a blessing in disguise. With only Arkham Asylum and Urban Chaos under its belt, developer Rocksteady has had little experience in emulating vehicle controls within a video game. However, as James Bond 007: Blood Stone has recently proven, being a seasoned veteran of the genre, as Bizarre Creations were, doesn’t always translate into a stalwart end product.

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  1. I say good on them. Not every game need vehicles just because it can.
    Anyway, surely it just depends on the size of the game world? If it’s a big world, then the Batmobile might be used as a area warp tool, but I think Rocksteady are sensible enough to avoid that, since it’s a rather clumsy way of getting around creating a whole and coherent world. It might be used once or twice to further the plot, though.

    Anyway, I’m rather looking forward to this game, it’s gonna be ace.

  2. I am so glad there are no hammy driving bits to ruin the game! arkham asylum didnt need them, neither does the sequel. Just use a cut scene showing the batmobile or something!

  3. I take my hat off to them for resisting the urge to include vehicles .

  4. as long as him saying batman being a vehicle doesn’t mean he is going to be swinging and flying around the city like spiderman!

    • I’d imagine he’d control more like that guy from Just Cause 2 considering he has all of those grapples and tools in that utility belt of his.

    • Erm… that’s kinda how Batman is supposed to get about. Using his grapples and cape is pretty much normality in the comics with the vehicles only used either when up against other vehicles or when traveling between distant locations. When Batman is patrolling, it’s pretty much on foot/cape/rooftop.

  5. I think this is good because sadly driving is usually made very poorly in these kinds of games

    • I refer you to the orginal Batman game on the Amiga – excellent platforming AND fantastic driving.

      • Hehe old games did you see how fast that grappling hook moved and the driving really was amazing one of the best driving sequences i have ever seen :D

  6. Fair play. If you’re not convinced you can do vehicle based gameplay well enough (or simply don’t want it in there) then don’t. Stick to your guns as all games don’t need to tick off XYZ features on the back of the box. It better have multiplayer shoe horned in though ;).

  7. New rumour , batman is now a transformer :),glad there are no vehicles though as long as it the game stays true to its roots we should see a very good game.

  8. When have the driving sections in the Bond games ever been good?

    I find that when driving sections are added into games the cars usually feel terrible to control.

    • NightFire, EoN, Bloodstone, From russia with love, any 007 game with cars without being either 007 racing or TND. And what’s wrong with BloodStone?In my opinion, at least it’s better than Uncharted TWO, because it at least has decent reload animations, and the same variety of animations without mirroring them (ND, if you’re reading this, I love you, but I just couldn’t handle it when my bloody assault rifle’s magazine just spawned in drake’s hand with his hand close to the rifle). Lightning is the only thing I didn’t like in BloodStone.

      • What the hell has reload animations got to do with driving sections?

      • Well, that part wasn’t a reply to that comment, but rather a reply to the article where they say that games with dirving sections, like James Bond, “doesn’t always translate into a stalwart end product”. I belive they where talking about the overall game.

  9. Jesus, Harley is looking good haha! But driving would have been cool, ripping the Batmobile through Gotham would have been awesome!

  10. The driving could have been cool, but only in set sections. Most of Arkham Asylum was small rooms to hunt through, and the streets should maintain that claustrophobic atmosphere. I think leaving out the Batmobile can only help the game overall.

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