Download Uncharted 3 Goodies

In case you’ve missed the post over on the EU Blog, the SCEE PSN Store has had a small update this morning. As well as featuring last night’s new Uncharted trailer as a download, there is also a dynamic theme (£1.59) a Drake avatar (£0.20) and some Uncharted 3 wallpaper (free).


Two extra “hidden” goodies can be got using the code F57M-BNN2-G33H.  The goods are an Uncharted 3 ‘logo’ avatar and a static theme.  Note that the code will only work for SCEE PSN accounts.

There is also a price promotion running on the PSN Store for Uncharted 2 expansion packs, with the new prices being:

  • Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack: Now only £1.99/€2.99
  • Siege Expansion Pack: Now only £2.39/€2.99
  • PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack: Now only £1.99/€2.49
  • Sidekicks Skins Pack: Now only £1.19/€1.49

They have also made the Golden Weapons DLC pack, which was previously ‘exclusive’ to the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Collector’s Edition in Europe, available on the PSN Store for £0.79/€0.99.

If all that is still not enough for you to demonstrate how much you love Uncharted, then head over to the theatre in PlayStation Home and watch the trailer to receive an Uncharted 3 t-shirt.



  1. Woot!

  2. Sounds good. I might be getting those gold guns

  3. All this just as my PS3 dies. AARRGGHHHHHH.

    • Yeah me too. I know how you feel…

      • Unlucky guys, I know your pain.

      • However, I decided to dust off my PS2 and play Tomb Raider AoD. I’m thinking about replaying all Tomb Raiders. AoD is actually good, I thought it was crap when I was younger (I couldn’t get past the Obscura Ghost) but now I find it to be really good. The levels are some of the best designed I’ve ever seen. It’s hard, though.
        It makes me stop thinking about Uncharted, so I don’t think about something I can’t have.

    • you poor poor bastards

    • For the last month mine takes about 20-40 goes before it starts due to YLOD , i just sit there reading a book and keep on pressing power button on PS3 !
      I have Continuous Play but im always in work so cant hang about to wait for a courier to arrive , having never actually used the service does anyone know would they come to my workplace ? Itas only 5 mins from my house anyway .

  4. Lovin the new Drake-avatar. Very sexy!

  5. Cool, I’ll be downloading the free stuff shortly!! :)

  6. luckily i kept £2 in my psn wallet, will be downloading the uncharted drakes fortune DLC.

  7. pretty sure the uc2 multiplayer has an 8x cash multiplyer on at the moment

    • Actually, it’s just over. Expect a new cash-multiplier-fest around christmas though!

  8. Nice! I’m off to the store.. :)

  9. I paid an extra £5 for the golden guns :p

  10. anyone tried the dynamic theme yet?

    • Haven’t tried it out yet as I havent’ bought it, but saw a vid of it on Youtube. It’s basically Drake next to the crashed airplane in the desert, not that much going on really…

    • i have. its a bit of a let down. would have been much better if they used the same image as the wall paper and animated that

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