Uncharted 3 Trailer Lands

So here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the reveal trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  As previously stated it looks like Drake’s latest adventure will be a sandy affair, with the trailer showing miles and miles of desert.  2011 simply can’t come fast enough.

Source: Gametrailers


  1. 1 second of gameplay….still awesome!

    • At least it’s all in-game quality :)

    • Insomniac just tweeted : “Congrats to our friends at @Naughty_Dog for their awesome Uncharted 3 debut. Great to show gameplay!!” – I think this and Resistance were the only two games to feature actual gameplay footage.

      • It’s going to be goooooooooooooooooooooooooooodah!!! bring on 2011!!

      • And prototype [PROTOTYPE], I belive

  2. Not as much gameplay-footage as I’d hoped for, but still a good trailer. I want moar!
    Will get to satisfy that urge on monday/tuesday though, as the game will be shown on some american TV-show that day I hear.

    Now for some well-earned sleep, it’s 04.15 here…zzz…

  3. The video wont load :(

  4. Considering that was all in engine footage colour me impressed.

  5. Woo-hoo game of the year 2011 on its way!

    • As much as I love this, we can’t forget it’s going to have actual competition this time: Portal 2, Batman, Portal 2, Portal 2…

      • Not forgetting Portal 2 and Portal 2

  6. Damn American dates, got me all excited just then, but no, 1st November it is, when I’ll have to arrange uni to fit around it, have no work, and lock myself away.

    • Bugger – that date got me too

    • Same here. God damn Americans and their stupid dates. Oh I know, lets put the Month first. Idiots.

    • LOL, same here, i was woo january for a second, i was just about to comment on it, damn americans with their months before days

    • haha i was thinking that as well, got lots of time which is good. lots of games to finish

  7. GOTY 2011? ;)

  8. Now that’s the Drake we all know and love!

  9. Have we got a release date confirmed?

    • 1st of November 2011. It launches on the same day as Elder Scrolls 5.

      • Ah cool thanks, the wait begins then!

      • Elder Scrolls 5 launches on November 11th. 10 days apart.

    • Didn’t you watch the trailer until the end, past the Uncharted 3 title, I mean. That’s where all the awesomeness begins.

  10. Bah American dates, always confused for a second :(

    On another note…..looks awesome :D

    • lol, yeah if only that date they showed at the end was in British format, then we’d be looking forward to some new Drake action in less than a month’s time on 11th January!!!! Big sigh…oh well, only 11 months to go!! ;)

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