Some GT5 Standard Cars Will Be Upgraded To Premium

In the latest issue of Famitsu, GT5 daddy Kazunori Yamauchi has said that at least some of the game’s standard cars will be upgraded to premium via updates.  This will bring a more detailed car model, as well as that all important interior view.


This is fantastic news as I, along with many others, felt a bit disappointed that some of the top end cars had actually been classed as standard.

Source: Andriasang via GT Planet



  1. Awesome!
    What they should do is let the fans decide 20-30 cars that will be ugraped to Premium, through a poll or something.

    • Deffinetly! I would like to see some new cars appearing too as premiums. Veyron Super Sport anyone?

      • Are they doing DLC packs of new cars? I’ve not heard anything yet probably because of the astronomical content included anyway, but the Veyron Super Sport will be a very welcome addition to NfSHP next Wednesday

    • thats a great way of choice cant be argued with… Id also like them to fix what ever issue they have so i can control the break upgrade. ALL these years in development, and i cant upgrade my braking system?!?! madness. apart from that, its an awesome game. cant put it down! Need to do so many other games as

  2. Wonder how long it will take…

    • I thought this! Wasn’t it months per car or something almost as insane? I’m all for it though, the prettier the better!

      • They’ll have a team of modellers pumping out assets around the clock, even after the game went gold. Kaz has said the models will be better suited to later games and newer hardware. Id imagine a lot of the PSP models (veyron, r8 race car, countach etc) will have been made with an eventual ‘upgrade’ to the GT5 premium level in mind. Looking at the older GT4 and earlier stuff, I’d suspect they may need to be modelled again from scratch, at least need a lot more work.

      • I think it was probably 1 month of man hours. get 10 guys working on it and it’s 3 days. That’s they way I always interpreted it anyway.

        After buying the elusive NOMAD Lamborghini Diablo GT-1 last night, I’d like that to be upgraded to premium. Whatever they used to put the livery in the car looks horrendous upscaled for GT5 – very low resolution. Quite a good car, but needs a better exhaust note as well!

      • Yeah, the rally and race models with graphics do look pap when upscaled.

      • What cracks me up most is the shading & highlighting on some of that standard cars. Rather than just a plain paintjob they’ve textured them, presumably because lighting & shadowing weren’t as good on PS2/PSP as it is now.

      • Thought it was the equivalent of 6 months worth of man-hours per car

    • Depends what they do, really. Could be that they’ll replace standard cars that have a premium version. There’s tons that are practically identical except for some slight changes to it’s engine, suspension, interior, or colour scheme.

  3. This is great news, so long as they aren’t all Skylines!

    • Zing!

    • I had a feeling someone would say that. As soon as I read it I was thinking the same thing :)

  4. Great news. I vote for the GT Pace Car.

  5. DeLorean, please! 88mp/h from behind the steering Wheel is a must!

    • With a race modification that makes it look like the time machine!

      • They should make this option availiable to alot more cars! There’s not enough cars you can make the race modification too at the moment.

      • Maybe so that you can travel back to a time when that VW jeep thing is even remotely good.

      • id be scared to travel back in time. Might have to wait years on a release again. plus i would know it took 5 yrs in development and its still not upto scratch. id be straight round PD telling them the bugs before release, and tell them im sykik!

  6. As long as it doesn’t increase the already long load times…

  7. Excellent!! :)
    I’m guessing by “some” they mean something like 10.. I’m presume it would take ages to recreate a large number of them..

  8. Hm. There’s got to be better ways for the devs to be spending their time improving this game than this. Though i’m not complaining about it pes se, it is quite a low priority in my eyes. They should be patching in online leaderboards, online xp/credit system, fixing the ghosts so they don’t randomly disappear half way through a lap and working to reduce loading times. Then they should be thinking about cosmetic changes. A bit like an ugly tramp worrying about getting a facelift before worrying about getting a job, or something :-S

    • I’m sure they are working on several things. I can’t imagine the people that do car models are the same ones that work on online features anyway, they will be different teams so it’s not really wasted time

    • I’m fairly sure the graphic artists that are employed would have very little to do with the actual programming (ghosts, online systems etc) so I highly doubt it is taking resources from elsewhere.

  9. They must surely do the Veyron. I was astounded when I won that to find it was not only standard, but on the poorer-looking end of the scale as well.

    • In fact, they could even leave the Veyron standard and just add the Super Sport version as a premium car

      • Yes, a standard Veyron, what were they thinking?
        I’d also like some Koenigseggs implemented too :).


    • VEY…RON!

    • the zonda is already a premium car I think

      • Only the Zonda R is premium, see the below from GTPlanet official list:

        S Pagani Zonda C12 ‘00
        S Pagani Zonda C12S ‘00
        S Pagani Zonda C12S 7.3 ‘02
        S Pagani Zonda LM Race Car
        P Pagani Zonda R ‘09

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