Bulletstorm Dev Diary Makes Our Head Spin

I’ve seen my fair share of developer diaries this year, but none have made me sit up and take notice like this one for Bulletstorm. Maybe it’s the awesome looking game; maybe it’s the constant stream of one-liners; all I know is that I’m grinning like a teen who has found the key to the booze cabinet.

Like the game says – “Hey dick-tits, this game ain’t gonna pre-order itself!”


Source: Gametrailers



  1. Bulletstorm is gonna kick you in the face with awesome. That just made my day

  2. And I thought I swore a lot.

  3. pretty funny…the guy checking his email lol.

  4. I loled. That was awesome! And the girl was pretty cute =]

  5. More of the lovely gal, please! Bollocks to the swearing.

  6. Finally, a completely unique ‘next-gen’ game!

    • I meant…
      ‘Finally, a completely unique ‘next-gen’ first-person-shooter game.’

  7. I know what I’m ordering for my birthday. This + Duke Nukem next year. Means that 2011 is the year that gaming goes back to kicking ass.

  8. “kick you in the face with awesome”

    More like ‘punch you in the face with stupid’.

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