‘Fallout: Nuka Break’ – Visual Fanfic

Like many of you I’ve enjoyed a good few hours wandering through Fallout’s nuclear-blasted wasteland. In fact I’ve been having a little too much fun doing the wandering and not applied myself to actually finishing Fallout 3’s story.  I would say I am a fan of Fallout 3 but I fall far short of the benchmark set by these fans.

These fans, calling themselves Wayside Creations, have set out to make a non-profit film set in Fallout’s version of post-apocalyptic America.  They don’t give any indication of when the film will be finished, just that it’s “coming soon“, but here’s the HD trailer of their quest for the titular beverage.

I have to say that they make Fallout’s irradiated wilderness look more exciting and inviting than the frozen wastes outside my window.

Via: Joystiq



  1. Makes me want to go back and play it again :-)

  2. I haven’t played new vegas, though i enjoyed fallout 3. The bugs did my nut in 3 and by the sounds of it they’re even worse in new vegas, for that reason i wont play it. It’d be such an awesome game without the bugs, such a shame. Glad to hear the new elder scrolls has a new engine, hopefully that’ll eradicate the bugs,

  3. That’s clever. I just got around to finishng the Operation Anchorage DLC on Fallout 3. Did my nut in with all the bugs and framerate problems that I had with it as well. Now all I need to do is play the Mothership Zeta and I’ll have a full house in terms of the story of Fallout 3.

  4. I like the look of this a lot.

  5. Big smiles and could be good… Seem rather colourful though…

  6. Fairplay to em! Looking forward to it

  7. not bad! its great what a few people can do with a decent camera and a computer these days just look at monster

  8. I can see two problems. Firstly it’s wayyy to colourful for Fallout, and secondly it features a young gentleman who appears to, how can i put this delicately, avoid salad. There are no tubsters in the Fallout universe, everyone is thin.

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